What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) and how it works

Jul 03, 2018
Social Media Marketing

Promotion in social networks is a popular promotion of goods and services around the world. The aim of SMM is to attract customers' attention through social networks. To put it more simply, this is the work of the seller in social platforms in order to bring new clients and offer them your service/product. The advantages of using social networks are so great that anyone who is not using this cost-effective resource is missing out on an excellent marketing opportunity. Let's learn more about the goals, features, and the most popular techniques of Social Media Marketing (SMM).

The main goals of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Traffic
  2. Company promotion
  3. Loyalty
  4. Brand recognition
  5. Quick communication from customers
  6. Understanding the preferences of the audience.

Special characteristics of Social Media Marketing

This type of advertising is very current because in social networks there is a huge number of people, the great ability to select candidates for the requested criteria and all this can be done for little cost.

However, the work is tedious and requires an individual approach. It is necessary to communicate with each client as equals to understand their preferences. You should prepare a text, a creative image and an attractive offer.

Stages of successful work in social networks:

  • Define the goals for promotion
  • Thoroughly study consumers and customers
  • Select platforms for effective promotion of the brand
  • Examine competitors’ behaviour
  • Find out the needs of customers
  • Constantly monitor the work being done.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

There is an open and a closed Social Media Marketing Strategies. In the first case, they show the brand to the public and do everything possible for its promotion. In the second case, promotion succeeds thanks to comments and reviews where the name of the company appears or there is a link to it.

It is difficult to say which strategy is better, but the second one requires a lot of effort and a more qualified approach.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques

1. The first technique implies the creation of official pages and groups for the promotion of a brand (company). Subscribers distribute information about the company and products and offer to join the group. People who have subscribed, reach the official website of the company and, having read it, makes purchases.

You should constantly point the website out and make it unique. This can be done through text, images, and aphorisms.

Every social network has its own audience. Looking at the most famous social networks, you can say Facebook is aimed at a younger audience, Linkedin is for business people, Instagram is for promoting women's goods, Twitter is for promoting blogs and news, Telegram is for promoting business products, brands and services, and YouTube focuses on video advertising.

2. The second technique is communication and collaboration with bloggers and owners of diverse communities. This is achieved when the business partner, communicating, advertises the brand and resources as a link to the company.

3. The third technique is maintaining your reputation. It is necessary to track the feedback and comments about the company. If the reviews are negative, then it is crucial to smooth them out and convince the critic about the uniqueness of the goods.

4. The fourth is the development of your own application, which anyone can download and find out a lot of interesting things. These contain soft information about the company and products, which are not particularly important.

Anyway, Social Media Marketing is an opportunity to promote a brand or company, to tell customers about products and services, and to make people happier with the help of social networks. If you have not yet integrated your site with social networks, it's time to do it. Contact Drudesk web development specialists who will help improve your social marketing strategy and attract lots of new customers.

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