Should You Fix Your Website or Create From Scratch?


Website, like any other thing we use constantly,  need to be kept up. It’s like a car. The cost to fix, repair, or add something depends on the age, materials, and complexity of the update. Your web-platform can contain missing pages, broken links or it may be hacked. Since technology is continually advancing and aesthetic trends shift regularly, some Internet resources look out of date, and many of them require significant changes.

When can you have your website fixed and when do you need to have your website build from scratch? We will consider this question in this blog post.

When Does My Website Require a Repair?

A website which is build on solid CMS and contains a high quality code has an excellent foundation, and it will not have a problem of being excessively damaged. In this case, it can be more cost effective to fixs bugs on the site instead of making a new one from scratch. If your business has grown, and you want to provide new products and services, you should reflect these changes on your website.

When Do I Need to Have a Website Build from Scratch?

In today’s mobile driven world reengineering sites that don’t adapt to mobile device screens is an absolute must. For instance, if your site was originally built using Flash (mobile devices don’t support Flash), you should rebuild it.

Our Drudesk team gets very excited for new projects built from scratch, because during the whole process we are able to evaluate all solutions and choose the one that best fits our clients’ needs and goals. We also can set realistic expectations in terms of how long it will take us to complete and how much it will cost. However, when developers deal with another vendor’s code it often impact the budget and timeline of the project.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Is it time to bring new changes to your website? If yes, contact us! Our friendly and highly skilled Drudesk team can fix any problem you may have as well as build a brand new website for you. You may be still not sure what to choose: new website building or fixing an old one. We are ready to evaluate your current site, your needs and goals, and help you to come up with the decision.

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