Should You Fix Your Website or Create From Scratch?

May 13, 2016
Fix Existing Website or Build Website from Scratch

The question we are always asked is ‘Should I fix my website or create a website from scratch?’ One cannot just simply answer this question, as each particular case requires a lot of investigation to get a proper solution.

Imagine that your website is your apartment. Would you rather repair it or buy a new one? It depends on how much has to be fixed or changed. If your apartment is in good shape, it doesn’t take much time, money and efforts to refurbish it. If its condition is horrible, it might be more risky and expensive to renovate the apartment, and the right solution is to buy a new one. The same with your website.

When is it better to fix an existing website and when you should create a new one from scratch? The team at Drudesk explores this question in today’s blog post.

When should I create a website from scratch?

Trying to modify the code of other web developers might result in bigger budget and longer timeline of the project. What’s more, ‘cracked’ core and a pile of updates and fixes are very complicated to deal with. If your digital platform is outdated and its recovery will take too much time and efforts, the solution is to create a website from scratch.

Reasons to build a website from scratch:

  • Cost-effectiveness. As we have mentioned above, it might be much cheaper to create a website from scratch rather than fix an existing one.
  • Search engine filters. Your site may be blocked by search engines because of duplicate content, poor UX or SEO, spam and much more. As sometimes it is impossible to get rid of imposed filters, the only way to get back your high rating in search results is to build a new website.

When is it better to fix my existing website?

You don’t have to start from scratch every single time. Web developers at Drudesk usually update and fix existing websites without rebuilding the entire thing. Platforms that are built on high-quality code can function for a long time if they are supported and maintained. If your site has a solid foundation, it will be more cost effective to update it instead of rebuilding the whole resource.

Reasons to fix existing website:

  • poor code
  • lack of updates
  • hosting issues
  • modules updates
  • unnecessary modules and plugins
  • CMS concerns

Questions to consider

  1. What CMS was your website built in? How long will it be supported? If there are no more updates available, it might be more cost-effective to rebuild now.
  2. How much custom code is there on your website? The more custom code you have, the more expensive it will be to create a website from scratch.
  3. Who developed your website? Freelance developers? Offshore team? A web development agency? The quality of your existing website directly depends on who has created it.
  4. Is your website regularly updated? Does it have all the latest core, theme, modules and security updates?

Fix your existing website today!

It’s time to bring changes to your website! Our Drupal support team can fix any issues on your existing website, such as error fixing, website speed optimization, security update, and much more. 

If you are still not sure what to choose: fix your website or start from scratch, we can audit your current site and help you come up with the decision.

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