To allow comments on your website or not?

Jul 03, 2018
To allow comments on your website or not

A modern and multifunctional site is half the battle in business. The main thing is to find a good web development specialist who will be able to create a project according to current web development trends. In addition, when creating the site, they take into account many nuances. Of course, much depends on the type of site, its future objectives, goals, audience and many other factors. Based on this, you decide which items on the site will be present and where they will be located. All these technical points need to be determined before the creation of the site, so that during the development process there will be no difficulties.

Today among developers there are several popular topics related to the creation of the site. One such issue concerns the comment form. Some people think that this form is absolutely unnecessary, because it does not play any functional role. Is this really the case? Today, we will try to find out whether you should use the comment form on your site.

Do you need a comment form on the site?

Some webmasters can not understand what value a comment form has on the site. But if your site is informational, you should definitely have a form on the site where you can leave comments. Why? It is worth noting that at first this form was designed for feedback on a particular product. But over time, it became quite popular on information sites and became used on many types of sites. Now, with the help of the comment form, you can ask questions about the article you read, apply directly to the author or just leave a comment on the article.

Let's determine what the benefits of creating a comment form on the site are:

  • First of all, it is communication with the visitors of your site. When creating a site, you need to think in advance beyond the rough plan for its development, because the most difficult process is the actual promotion of the project, not its creation.
  • By keeping in touch with your visitors, you are increasing a target audience that will periodically visit your web resource. The comment form is used exactly for this purpose — to keep your visitors on the site and keep in touch with them for as long as possible.

How can comments influence your website promotion?

Everyone knows that behavioral factors play a major role for websites. If a person stays on the site longer, they reread the comments of other users, leave their own feedback and very often return again to your site. Thanks to the activity of visitors, the average duration of the visit on the site increases. Therefore, if you have a permanent audience that will periodically visit your site, behavioral factors will surely be better, and the bounce rates will decrease.

Should you use third-party commenting systems?

The network has several services that offer their comment form which is much better than the standard forms (among the most popular are Disqus, Facebook, Cackle, etc.). Should you use similar forms? Everything depends on the taste and desire of the developer. These forms increase the functionality of the site, since the users can access a page through social networks, leave a comment, attach images, etc. On the other hand, such forms strongly overload your site.

In any case, we are always ready to advise you on any issues relating to the improvement and promotion of your site. If you want to increase the functionality of the site, contact Drudesk web development specialists who will efficiently and quickly set up a system of comments on your site.

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