Services that are able to help you with monitoring a website’s availability

Oct 22, 2016
Services that are able to help you with monitoring a website’s availability

Sustainable website uptime is a key factor for having a successful business online. But what, actually, is this "uptime"? The uptime of a web resource is measured from the time of loading to the end of user's action.

Continuous uptime is possible with an excellent server, high-quality hosting, etc. If problems occur with some of these factors, it "crashes" and you lose your money and your customers. The time when your site goes down is called “downtime”.

To prevent problems with your website, you can take advantage of web services that will continuously monitor its proper functioning. Each of these tools warns the owner in case of any “network problems”. 

Many services are able to monitor uptime and downtime. Some of them are free.

Want to know more about these free services? Then you’re reading the right article!

Tools for monitoring website’s uptime

  1. PingMySite. Website’s availability service that supports one project. It is ready to check the availability with 31 locations. Testing can be conducted at intervals of 1 minute, and reports will be sent via email, SMS or Twitter.
  2. WatchSumo. An awesome free service to monitor an unlimited number of URL-addresses of your web projects. Reports are sent through webhook or by email. Fantastic service that graphically shows how fast your web resources are. WatchSumo is a good assistant if you want to monitor your website day and night and receive instant messages when your site goes down.
  3. Pingometer. Excellent tool for those users who want to monitor their website uptime. It can monitor only one web project, but it works around-the-clock. Website monitoring can be provided from one location. Failure notifications will be sent with e-mail or text messages.
  4. Insping. An impressive service built on a free web instrument. It can help you with website monitoring. Insping controls two projects with a 5-minute interval. It offers informative reports which reflect all the information about the working of your website. They can be sent in the form of alerts messages via SMS.
  5. Monitoshi. A wonderful service that is able to monitor an unlimited number of URL-addresses. Also, it supports the ability to send an email when your site "falls." Another important feature of this service is that Monitoshi is free, while other online services require payments after the "test period".
  6. Site-Monitoring.NET. It will send an e-mail or SMS when your site goes down. Also, this web tool is able to check your web resource every 15 minutes. This service operates in the form of the website and mobile application. Site-Monitoring.NET is free, which also distinguishes it from competitors.
  7. Uptime Dog. A service that monitors a website’s availability that can check your resources each 2 minutes. Testing could be made from 2 geographical locations, and alert messages are sent by email. The user can test this service for free.
  8. Monitive. Web assistant that is able to monitor your web page every 10 minutes. Monitive is entirely reliable, and such giants as "The New York Times" use it. Besides, the owner receives reports via Twitter or email. It is very useful when your site goes down.
  9. LiveWatch. A helpful service that will check the performance of your web project each 10 minutes. In addition to this, the testing procedure can be done with a few geographic locations. Warning messages are sent by e-mail or SMS. It offers some packages, so it is worth paying attention.
  10. Pingability. It is a service that is able to send alert messages by email or SMS. Also, Pingability can monitor website uptime from different locations. It's important to determine the frequency of inspections and the number of sites that should be checked. Helpful for checking website’s availability, it has no restrictions during the test period.
  11. HostTracker. Web assistant that will help to control the website of your company 24 hours a day. Also, it can send instant messages via Skype, SMS or email. HostTracker is highly respected because it has such clients as Microsoft, Colgate, and Panasonic.
  12. BasicState. Free service that is programmed to check your website every 15 minutes. BasicState has such a useful feature as sending information with e-mail or SMS. All statistics can be viewed directly in the personal account of the service.
  13. DOMAlert. It is able to control five web resources simultaneously. In case of malfunction, this uptime service will send warning messages via email. Your websites are checked every 5 minutes. It is possible to view all the usage statistics directly from the personal account of this resource.
  14. AppBeat. You can check this web tool if you have lots of websites. This service can monitor five network resources day-and-night. The users are able to get reports with email or text messaging. Availability testing will be provided from such locations as Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.
  15. StatusCake. Web assistant that allows you to monitor the most important aspects of your website. It can send reports by e-mail or SMS. Google, NASA, and EA Sports choose StatusCake to monitor their websites. Which one will you choose?

Struggle through the difficulties alone or hire professionals?

As you have read, there are lots of free services that monitor website’s availability. In this article, we have chosen the most appropriate tools that warn you about the problems with your site. All you need to do is to read this article carefully and choose the service that will monitor your website.

If you have no time, or don’t feel like you have the skills to set up a monitor, our experts are ready to help you. We are happy to assist you with hosting or resolving issues relating to the availability of your web projects. You should note that fast website download is also one of the key points for a successful business online. It directly affects the behavioral factors and search engines rankings. Our technical support can help you to avoid serious problems with the functioning of your site.

Join the army of our customers and receive significant advantages for getting your business online. Contact us, and we will do the rest for you.

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