Control your projects as easily as you chat to your friend

Jun 08, 2017
Control your projects as easily as you chat to your friend

We love to say that good website support is meant to relieve you of any troubles, so you can relax in a comfortable chair and see all your issues fixed magically. However, when you entrust your website to a web support team, you often need to communicate on the tasks, keep an eye on the work, give your approval, and more. This communication is essential. To provide it, there are special task trackers, or CRMs.

Does it sound a little bit tiresome? Does it cast a shadow on the idea of your full relaxation and comfort? Not at all! The process can be easy, and we’ll show you how. It’s all about software… and a little more ;)

The above-mentioned task trackers, CRMs and other customer service software used by web teams can be very different. Famous or new, sophisticated or simple, all these systems all have their advantages and faults.

We, too, were using one for quite a while. And then we decided: why would we use someone else’s inventions and adapt to them, if we can create our own? So welcome to Service Drudesk, where you’ll feel 100% comfortable.

Easy workflow

Unlike some other systems, you will not have to worry about changing task statuses or things like that. Your workflow is very simple. All you need to do is submit a request for some work to be done (via the form on the website or via email), and then just answer questions, leave comments, and inform our team about your approval of the results.

Everything can be sent as plain text via the form or via email. In addition, whenever one of the task participants posts comments, you are also notified by email.

Minimalistic design for maximum convenience

No “labyrinths”! Our system’s essence is simplicity. It has a minimalistic design both on desktops and on mobiles. Nothing distracts your attention — you can just concentrate on the communication.

Lightning-fast loading

Yet another benefit of minimalism is lightness. So it’s not just that nothing distracts your attention — nothing overloads your machine either. We ensured that the system loads immediately, while in some others you would have to wait for several seconds.

Easily accessible everywhere

Remember we promised you that you can stay relaxed in your comfortable chair — whether it’s a chair on the plane, a chair lift in the mountains, or a sun lounger on the beach. But what about Internet connection? Yes, we know, it’s not always perfect, to put it mildly. But it will be easy for you to communicate with us in any condition thanks to the system’s lightness and speed, as well as the opportunity to use just your e-mail.

Like a friendly conversation

This kind of communication resembles chatting to your friends or relatives, doesn’t it? You can stay relaxed, and, moreover, you can be sure you will be understood. It’s about more than software — it’s also about our great willingness and capability to understand and help you. This is a special component, without which no software would work fully.

Payment system coming soon

Soon it will be possible to pay for services in one click, so our comfortable system will become even more ideal. We plan to add our own payment system so that we do not need to use third-party services for payment. This is just the beginning, and we also have other plans — but let’s keep them as nice surprises for the future.

Discover more details about the way Service Drudesk works. Or just try it out right away and enjoy the ease of use. It’s all about software… and a little more! ;)

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