Drupal 8 Module: Responsive and off-canvas menu

Sep 12, 2016
Drupal 8 Module: Responsive and off-canvas menu

Drupal continues migrating modules from the 7th to the 8th version and we continue exploring and sharing information about them with you!

This time we will be speaking about Responsive and off-canvas menu — what it is, how it looks, why it’s useful for everyone who is adapting their site to mobile devices and what are its drawbacks. So read on if  you want to learn more about it :)

What exactly is the off-canvas menu?

Off-canvas menu is a block of options that is hidden from the site’s viewport.

Under this module, on the mobile devices a menu is shown if a user clicks the menu button (usually it’s the so-called “burger” icon). It can also be triggered by specific swipe gestures.

For an ordinary computer display, it’s a horizontal menu with drop-downs.


You can add this option to your site with the help of the Drupal 8 modules Responsive and off canvas menu. By the title, you can already figure out  what the main benefit of it is — responsivity.

As the world evolves and people replace their computers with mobile devices, this topic has become a huge issue in the web development field. Everybody is trying to figure out how to make their sites responsive and mobile friendly. And this module adds to everything that has been already said about the fact that Drupal is the mobile first.

Why is this module important?

Off-canvas menus are used everywhere nowadays, and for a reason! They look good, they are useful and they make your site’s navigation a lot easier.

Adjusting a site’s menu to mobile devices can be rather difficult and expensive. With this module you only need to install it, set up the settings, and that’s about it. You decide how the menu will respond and what it will look like. The only obvious drawback is that the module requires some basic CSS theming skills to adjust the menu to the theme of your website.

Another fact that is worth mentioning is that you won’t have to puzzle over how to combine the ‘main’ and ‘utility’ menus in order to make them fully display on mobile devices. With the responsive and off-canvas menu module they will be automatically merged together.


Considering everything said above, we can say that the responsive and off-canvas menu module can make your site not only mobile friendly, but trendy and cool as well. Try using it and contact us if you need help!

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