Some good reasons to make your Drupal website multilingual

Oct 07, 2016
Some good reasons to make your Drupal website multilingual

Hello, bonjour, hola! ;) The world is so big, multi-cultural and full of opportunities! And all these opportunities can be open to you with the help of your Drupal website. With the right approach, you can keep your visitors with you longer, inspire them to make purchases, and much more. Among the ways to make your site a powerful tool, there is one that is particularly useful for breaking boundaries. Multiply your website’s powers by making it multilingual!

Reasons make your Drupal website multilingual:

Reach more customers by speaking their language

Having a one-language website means limiting your reach only to people who speak it, even if it is in English, which has been accepted as an international language. Still, many people do not understand it at all or well enough, and prefer to browse the web in their own language. Even if they browse in English knowing they will get more results, it does not mean they are happy about it, and it does not mean they would continue to do it if they had a choice. You can make them happy by giving them this choice! Then enjoy the effect in multiplying the number of customers.

Clarity, comfort and trust inspire conversions

If people fully understand what you are offering, it will increase the likeliness of them making a purchase (or other positive outcome). People should feel at home on your website, like they are sitting in comfortable slippers with a cup of coffee, not wandering along an unknown road with unclear signs. Moreover, you can reach their hearts with your message if it is in their language.

Your multicultural reach (and some words about transcreation)

In order to reach their hearts, however, you may need more than translation. You might also need transcreation, or an adaptation of your content to fit another culture. The effect will be magic! Discover new markets where your product may have been thought of as something “alien.” Bring it closer! This may go beyond linguistic efforts, but it’s worth it.

Progressive and professional!

Caring about cultures and offering a site with multiple languages will position you among modern companies and serious market players who have a global reach. But please be careful of the quality of the translation, and do not rely on machine translation services.

Imagine a space for yourself without competition

Not all companies have multilingual websites. So you can really stand out in a particular area! All search results in a certain languages can lead to your site, and all those customers choose to buy from you. No more comments needed.

Undoubtable SEO benefits + some savings for you

Every language version of your site can be perfectly optimized for search engines. If you are now thinking about the expenses, you may be surprised to discover some savings in it. Let’s consider, for example, promoting your ads in contextual advertising services. It’s much cheaper if you pick your keywords in languages other than English, because there is less competition. To check, you can try Google Keyword Planner and see suggested bids for you search words.

Finally, there are two more reasons to make your site multilingual. First, Drupal, especially Drupal 8, offers excellent opportunities for this. Second, Drudesk will handle this task perfectly. There is absolutely no reason to put off contacting us right now! ;)

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