A wealth of payment options for your Drupal online store


Every customer’s decision to finally click “pay” in your online store is a little victory for you. Congrats, you’ve been convincing enough! And these decisions are made much more frequently when your customers see their preferred payment options. Well, any of these options can be easily created on your Drupal website! To make this integration a breeze, there are special modules for online payments among the useful Drupal modules for e-commerce. We are going to pick a couple of them to look at today.

A glimpse at payments on Drupal stores

Possible ways to pay on Drupal websites include credit or debit cards, cash on delivery, card on delivery, bank transfers, checks, bitcoins and anything else imaginable. To make things still more convenient, dozens of world-famous payment gateways with lots of options (PayPal, Payplug, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Stripe, Square etc.) are waiting to come to your website.

Payment opportunities are especially lucrative in the freshly released Commerce 2.0 for Drupal 8. It has improved APIs for smoother integration, built-in tokenization support for more security, handy payment interfaces, and more.

However, in our selection of modules designed to do this big job for you, we will not focus purely on the eighth Drupal. We will also include modules both for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 online stores based on Drupal Commerce. Let’s go.

Some great Drupal modules for payment gateway integration

Commerce Square

This module will let your store accept payments with the famous Square system. Its lucrative features include handy sales tracking, fraud monitoring, tokenization, PCI compliance, and much more.

Commerce PayPal

The popular PayPal is here for you via this special module. It supports all PayPal’s methods: Payments Standard (WPS), Payments Pro (WPP), Express Checkout (EC), Payments Advanced (PPA), and Payflow Link (PFL).

Commerce Stripe

Thanks to Stripe integration, your customers will be able to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express — even BitCoin and more. Its offers PCI compliance, tokenization feature via Stripe.JS library, order status tracking, refund functionality, etc.

Commerce Amazon Pay

This module integrates Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon, letting your Drupal website’s users pay easily with access to their Amazon account shipping and payment information.

Commerce Braintree

Here is a module for handy Braintree Payments integration. It will help your Drupal store accept on-site credit card payments with the credit card data safely stored in the Braintree vault.

Commerce BitPay

You can add the popular cryptocurrency as a payment option to your Drupal store. The BitPay module offers conversion and payouts to local currencies, payments from PCs, tablets, or smartphones, push notifications and more.

Commerce Authorize.Net

Integrate with Authorize.Net and let your users pay with credit cards on checkout via the AIM API. In addition, the CIM API is meant to support Card on File payments.

Commerce Adyen

Bring the payment options from Adyen platform to your Drupal e-commerce website. This includes payments from various sources like credit cards, bank transfers, mobile phones, PayPal and more.

Commerce PayLeap

The PayLeap module provides your store with a virtual terminal for handy transactions, supports credit, debit, gift cards and so on.

Commerce Evalon

The possibilities of the Commerce Evalon module include onsite payments with real-time card transaction authorization, as well as offsite redirect payments and much more.


These are just a few examples of payment options for your Drupal online store, but there are actually a lot more. And what does not yet exist can be created. In your online store, payments will be organized exactly as you wish — just contaсt Drudesk developers!

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