Working with the Paragraphs module


The Paragraphs module is a highly functional module for creating content that distinguishes it from its competitors. It is simple, user-friendly and popular among thousands of Drupal users all over the world.

Today we will give you some useful tips that can be used for effective material display on your website. Follow these tips, and improve the quality of your Drupal 8 website. You are interested in having a high-quality web-resource, aren’t you?

The advantages of using Paragraphs with Drupal 8

Paragraphs is a powerful module that gives users more freedom when creating and displaying content. This is an entirely new way of creating web content in Drupal 8.

Website owners can choose between numerous ways of displaying content. These are independent of each other. For instance, they include an image, a complex slideshow, etc. Administrators have a place to express their imagination if they possess the Paragraphs module. Besides, all actions with Paragraph module are made online. Isn’t it awesome? You can already see plenty of reasons why you need to use this simple and user-friendly module.

Setting the main page content type

These tips will help you set up your Drupal resource with all requirements and necessities.

1) The Paragraphs module is divided into three types of data display: simple, advanced and block types of content. Choose the type that suits your requirements.
2) The next step is to load and configure the module Entity Background. It allows you to change the background image and color. Don’t forget to change the required data during the configuring of Entity background.
3) Place the template file for the homepage. During this step, you need to download function improvement.
4) At this point, it is necessary to perform three steps:
4.1 Create the type of the home page content
4.2 Adjust Paragraph Field
4.3 Move field content
5) Set up all permissions to let the users see website’s content.

CSS difficulty settings The Paragraphs module

You may experience problems when setting themes for the Paragraphs module. The fact is that it has problems with synchronization, which is why no one can guarantee an identical display on different servers. As you see, you have to remember its issues with CSS.

The next step you need to do is to set-up a module called Classy Paragraphs for Drupal. This module is used to customize each page content type.

Quality settings of Drupal 8 website

You have read the info concerning the Paragraphs module. Our experts shared some tips for configuring your web resource. We hope that these tips were helpful to you and your Drupal 8 website. But how can you do it without special knowledge? Who can assist you with setting up your website?

Our company can help with solving all issues concerning your Drupal web resource. Our team consists of highly qualified experts who can solve all your problems and requests. We know you will be pleased with the level of our skills and knowledge, and our pricing will delight you. Do you still have doubts?

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