Why is page speed important for visitors and search engines

Dec 12, 2016
The influence of page speed on visitors and search engines

If you don’t want to disappoint and alienate your website’s guests by condemning them to wait for ages while all the elements of your page are shown in their browsers, then you shouldn’t ignore the issue of speed. We have already described how to analyze and increase the loading speed and the causes of slow speed. Today we will explain why page speed is so vital for you, for your visitors, and for search engines, which are a “bridge” between your web resource and its users.

Why is page speed important for visitors?

Have you ever felt impatient standing in the line at the supermarket? Statistics shows that the majority of people will prefer purchasing at a shop with small or no lines, even if it costs more. Why? It’s because people hate waiting. It is fatiguing and irritating. And electronic commerce has the same rules. People won’t wait for your data to load when they have a wide range of alternatives — including your competitors’ sites, which have already taken into account human impatience and optimized.

Radware’s study revealed that a two-second delay makes 20% more visitors leave their shopping carts without completing a purchase. If you are selling goods or services using the Internet, the increase in load speed will make the shopping process easier for your customers. They will navigate faster, boosting your total page view rates. Take care of your visitors’ comfort and your business will profit — the two are interdependent.

Why is page speed important for search engines?

Search engines can be compared to an online reception which shows the internet-users to the entrance they are looking for. If your website’s door takes too long to open, your potential guests will obviously try the neighboring door.

A survey, handled by Akamai Technologies, showed that just three seconds are enough for users to make a decision. Whether it will be in your favor or not depends on you. If a page takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of people will abandon it without getting acquainted with all its advantages. They will go back to the search engine results page and open the next result.

Since 2010, page speed is included in the ranking algorithm of Google — the most widespread search engine in the world — to create a better user experience. For your website, this means that the faster every element loads, the higher your site will be on the search engine results page. So you can see that load speed is important for SEO optimization, too.

Does your website need to speed up?

There are lots of website speed analysis tools allowing you to check, on your own, whether your site needs speeding up. Our company offers you a website performance audit to get a detailed report about causes of slowing and recommendations. After a check-up, Drudesk specialists will optimize your web resource. The faster you contact us, the faster your pages will load for a more satisfied audience.

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