Outsourcing vs. in-house team: which is the right fit for your business?

Mar 12, 2018
In-house vs. outsourcing

There many things you have to make up your mind about before you start your business, and many things to take into consideration before making a decision. Building a website to represent your business and increase awareness about it is important. Finding the right people who can do this is not any less important. You can either work with a web development company or maintain an in-house team of programmers in your office. Let’s consider the benefits and drawbacks of each scenario to help you make a choice.

The pros and cons of IT outsourcing

The pros of IT outsourcing

You don’t have to organize a web development team from the scratch and wait until they figure each other out, which will save you time and effort. You have the whole world to find specialists you need. This also gives you a choice of price. Outsourcing to Europe will cost you less than keeping an in-house team. Actually, cost-effectiveness is the major reason why many companies prefer outsourcing. Moreover, office maintenance and staff issues are not your concern when you outsource your web development, so you can focus on your marketing efforts and not be distracted from your business itself.

The cons of IT outsourcing

You have to rely on the outsourcing company, which is not yours, and entrust your project to it. Your control over the team and development process is limited. Different time zones can cause a mismatch in working schedules. Different languages and cultural specificities can cause difficulties in communication. Developers are not devoted to your tasks only as they can conduct other projects at the same time.

The pros and cons of in-house development team

The pros of in-house development team

Developers who work only for your company treat your product and business as their own, feeling responsibility for its success. Your tasks will always be the priority for them while outsourced team can work on a few projects simultaneously, and you may have to wait until your turn comes. You have more control over in-house IT development team which is territorially closer to you. Intellectual property and corporate data is more likely to remain confidential.

The cons of in-house development team

It’s not easy to gather high-qualified employees with a specific skill set under the same roof when you are limited by your city or region boundaries. Taking into account also the psychological differences of each personality, you should make an effort to get a qualified team capable of collaborating well together. From this perspective it’s easier to hire an existing, close-knit, experienced team for outsourcing. Keeping developers on the payroll means you have to give them room and facilities and pay taxes, insurances, vacations, etc.

Which option to choose?

Gathering and maintaining an in-house development team is suitable for pure tech companies. However, if you are building, for instance, an ecommerce website, it is worth entrusting it to outsourced developers who specialize in this and have experience. Project development done by a web agency may turn out to be more time-consuming, but also more cost-effective, than development by an in-house team, so decide whether time or money matters more to you. Outsourcing staff is ideal for short-term projects and for your IT staff augmentation to complement existing in-house employees with required specialists. Outsourcing a dedicated team will be beneficial for long-term scalable projects.

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