Compelling reasons to outsource your startup

Apr 19, 2018
why startups should outsource

In today’s fast-growing business environment, newbie players have almost endless lists of possibilities and tools they need to succeed. Most startup companies indeed have great potential, but they also lack resources. That’s where outsourcing can help them not to fail. It is even a recommended growth strategy for those who want to enjoy considerable success in the future. Outsourcing companies have already earned the trust of many large businesses. If you are a business owner and can’t decide which way to go — set up IT department of your own or take advantage of outsourcing — here are a few reasons why we recommend you opt to outsource a particular tasks or processes.

Why startups should outsource?

  1. Lower costs

    When outsourcing, you will avoid the huge expenses that would go into setting up an IT department of your own. Your startup does not need to invest in training of staff, their monthly salary, healthcare, additional equipment, office space, expenses on upgrading and maintenance, etc. The advantage of hiring people temporarily is that it significantly reduces your overall operating costs. However, savings that you achieve by outsourcing can help you invest in other areas of your business.
  2. More free time

    Startups should outsource, since it saves precious time you won’t have to waste engaging in training a new full-time, in-house team employee ensuring they are entirely up to speed on your product or service. Working with companies providing outsourcing services allows you to be more productive and spend your time more efficiently, where it matters most.
  3. Improved focus on key functions

    Startup companies usually begin with a small number of staff. They usually have very specific tasks and responsibilities. As the business prospers, they have to handle larger volumes of work. This contributes  to less optimal work performance. Outsourcing is extremely helpful in this way because minor tasks are delegated to a third party, while your employees can concentrate time and energy on its strengths and keep on doing their main job. When focusing on the essential tasks, you will provide better service and get more positive results. In addition to that, your startup’s competitive advantage increases.
  4. Increased efficiency

    With outsourcing, you can decrease management workload and run your operations in a more efficient manner. Outsourcing providers always have everything in place — people, equipment, solutions, process, etc. You do not need to control tasks and projects assigned to the third party, just regularly monitor them. By outsourcing certain tasks and having more time, you speed up decision-making. This results in greater efficiency and more productive service of greater quality for your customers.
  5. Opportunity to work with top experts

    Startups should also outsource because web support companies have access to the experienced professionals and latest technologies that most big businesses benefit from. So, you can outsource an expert with a lot of experience in the field without the considerable financial and time investments. Ultimately, you will still come up with high quality results. On the top of that, you can acquire valued skills and knowledge by working with the outsourcing company which may be helpful in your future projects.

So, as you can see, IT outsourcing is full of opportunities to make any startup successful and sustainable on the market. Is your business ready to outsource? Talk to us today!

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