Monitoring of the site accessibility

Nov 30, 2015
Monitoring of the site accessibility

Every Internet user has faced a situation where a site which he wants to go to does not open. Usually, he does not think why the page is not available – he simply closes the page and moves on to another site with the required information.

Website Monitoring

Your potential customers will react the same way if your site is unavailable They will not renew the webpage and or wait, they will simply move on to your competitor's site. In the worst case, customers will believe that your company does not work and forget about your site.

Given this, is the availability of a site an issue that Internet business owners should be concerned with? Yes!

The inaccessibility of the site is the inaccessibility of the whole business, and leads to lost customers and lost profits. The size of the loss depends on how quickly you find the problem and how much time you spend on the rehabilitation of the site.

The site can be inaccessible for many reasons: it may be a technical problem on the server or the mistake of the developer, or sometimes you simply forget to pay for the hosting or fail to continue the domain name of the site. The earlier you find a specific problem, the faster you will restore the site and prevent your loss. Therefore, it is in the interest of every website owner to constantly monitor the availability, to detect the problem in time and to fix it as soon as possible.

In addition to loss due to unavailability of the website to potential customers, there are other, more dangerous expenses. For example, search engines rankings decrease for sites that are often inaccessible or open poorly. Even if your site was not available just for a few seconds or minutes, but it happens often (known as the site «flashing»), it may eventually lose its positions in the search results. Search Engines explains it this way: «When requesting to the page sometimes an error occurs (for example, due to an unstable hosting), so the search engine robot removes the page from the query and moves to the next successful request.»

And since you cannot know when the search robot is going to visit your site for indexing, you cannot independently verify whether the site was working properly at this point. If the site rankings will be reduced or the website will completely disappear from the SERP, you will not have information about the real cause. And in any case, it will take some time to restore the position of the site. In some cases, it will take a few weeks to restore the site in the query. It can also cause a loss of money if you have to invest in search engine optimization.

For the best detection and diagnosis of the problems, use a site monitor. Site monitors work around-the-clock, checking the site’s efficiency. Every time you open your site and see if it works, you «monitor» its usability. At first, everything is simple. «Well I open my site every day,» you might say. But this is not enough. The problem may manifest itself when you sleep, or when you are busy with the client or are on vacation. The same applies to the experts who you hire to develop the site if they do not use professional tools.

For reliable protection against loss and downtime, you need constant and continuous monitoring of the website availability all the time. As the problem can occur at any time, it is important to promptly detect it to diagnose the cause and fix whatever problem the site is having. In case you do not have time to monitor the site the specialists from Drudesk website support can help.

Website monitoring has to be regular and non-stop

What does full monitoring mean? In addition to problems with the actual inaccessibility, there can be other problems with the site that lead to financial losses in the business. With such problems, the webpage may open, but the site traffic is still falling and the loss of customers can be significant. Here are some of the consequences of such an issue.

  • Adding a site in search engines blacklist

Search engine block sites with viruses to protect ordinary users. In the query, there is a notification about the danger from the site to the user's computer. This leads to a significant reduction in the number of visitors and orders from your website (90%) and loss of the site’s reputation among potential customers.

  • Access Block of the site by a virus

Antiviruses also block infected sites. In case the access of the site is blocked by a virus, it will not be available to all users using this antivirus. This leads to a reduction in traffic and worsening of the site’s reputation. The more popular the antivirus is the more damage to your business. The peculiarity of this problem is that you cannot independently determine its existence — you would have to install on your computer all popular antiviruses and open the site, using them in turn, every day.

  • Mobile redirect

While using the mobile redirect the user who wants to come to your site is redirected to the other site, which is designed for use with a mobile phone. This leads to a loss of traffic, reduced sales and worsening of reputation if the other site is dangerous or fraudulent.

Complete monitoring of the availability of your site will detect each one of these problems and many others quickly. Prompt diagnosis of all the problems and quick solution means less loss to the business.

In business, they say that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Does your site work without interruption or are you losing business due to technical problems? We will help you answer this question. Monitoring the accessibility of the site should be full, regular and non-stop. Some of the problems that lead to financial loss only occur over time. It is therefore important to keep the site under continuous monitoring.

You can use any automated system of the website availability monitoring, but the most efficient will check the most common problems and determine their cause while being understandable to outsiders. Therefore, when choosing the company for the monitoring, it is important to pay attention to both the list of problems that it is able to identify and the format, frequency, and method of delivery of reports. This will help you quickly solve any problems and prevent or minimize downtime and losses in the Internet business.

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