Top 7 Modules for Drupal Ecommerce: Selling Online with Drupal

Jul 21, 2016
Top 7 Modules for Drupal Ecommerce: Selling Online with Drupal

We’ve already highlighted all the benefits of Drupal being the ecommerce platform. Today, we’ll describe 7 modules for Drupal Commerce.

Drupal is an awesome content management and online marketing platform. One can use it for a blog or personal website, business website, informational website, online business catalog, eCommerce website or any other web platform you would like to have. Lots of successful companies and organizations have chosen Drupal as a content management system for their eCommerce platform. You can improve the functionality of your online shop and make it more flexible using Drupal modules that possess the features necessary to create an effective website.

E-Commerce Drupal Modules

  1. Drupal Commerce. The Drupal Commerce module is the most popular module for creating an online store. It is a smart solution for handling all facets of e-commerce through the CMS. Payments, pricing, and products management is not a challenge for those using the Drupal Commerce module. It allows administrators to create product types and product displays, and also maintains the ordering and payment processes directly through the website’s back-end. A user-friendly and cutting-edge configuration gives your customers a robust user experience.
  2. Ubercart. A wonderful combination of powerful features which will enable you to develop product listings and catalogs. The Ubercart module provides automatic product organization, administration of orders, and handling of payment procedures. In addition to this, you will encounter some extremely innovative features which will help with the store configuration, shopping cart customization, and checkout pages on your site. Ubercart supports a variety of Ecommerce corporations, including all kinds of services.
  3. Shopify Ecommerce. This module is relatively new and can be used as an alternative to Drupal Commerce and Ubercart. The slogan of this module is “Ecommerce on Drupal doesn’t have to be difficult,” and it simplifies the development process. The Shopify Ecommerce integrates Shopify with your Drupal website and allows you to sync your Drupal site in real-time.
  4. Mobile Switch. Almost every successful businessman has made his web platform suitable for mobile devices. Your online store should not be an exception. Is it ready for a change? The Mobile Switch module provides Drupal sites with a theme switch function.
  5. Currency. The Currency module implements vital functions that you need to start selling products online. This module provides your website with currency conversion, currency information, metadata, and amount/price display functionality. If you are going to do a lot of international sales, the Currency module is a must for you, because shoppers will need to evaluate your prices using their own national currency.
  6. Commerce Checkout Progress. Why is this module important for your eCommerce website? The Commerce Checkout Progress ads a block on the checkout page. When customers submit their order and enter the checkout page, they will be able to see a box with important information about the product (the name, the price, the quantity). Vivid colors and distinct lines display information clearly. 
  7. Amazon Module. The Amazon Module is another useful add-on. It handles many issues regarding online shops. You can divide your product into different types according to their characteristics to attract people with various needs. It also allows you to create wish lists and obtain customer reviews to improve service. In addition, it provides you with searching features, product pages, and shopping cart management.

If you have your own Drupal eCommerce website, these modules are a must for you! Our Drudesk team is ready to help you integrate any of these modules, and boost your business!

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