New Mobile Improvements in Drupal 8

Aug 29, 2016
New Mobile Improvements in Drupal 8

We continue our series on Drupal 8. This time we will discuss its mobile first improvements. If you’re still not sure whether to move your site from 7th to 8th Drupal, hopefully, this article will help you decide.

As the world evolves, more and more people are using mobile devices instead of computers. The reason is simple: it’s more convenient to use a smartphone or a tablet just because you can carry it wherever you go. This causes a problem: what should we do with all of these sites that are not supposed to be opened on mobile devices? We should make them work! So that’s why a number of mobile improvements were made in Drupal 8.

With its mobile friendly interface Drupal 8 has made a huge step forward. But what exactly makes it mobile first?

Improvements in Drupal 8

Responsive themes

All of the built-in themes in Drupal 8 are responsive now. They automatically resize all the elements (such as menus and blocks) to fit the device you are using. The site design will rearrange depending on device width. If the viewport is too narrow, horizontal elements will switch to a vertical orientation instead. With this improvement, your site will look great whatever device the user uses to open it.

Responsive pictures

We all agree that images are very important for the overall view of the site. If they don’t look good on a smartphone or on a tablet, will the site appeal to the user? Hardly. That’s why it’s really important to make the pictures fit well. So that’s what Drupal developers did — they made them adapt to different screen sizes. This mobile improvement in Drupal 8 will make it possible to look through all of the images without having to zoom in.

Responsive tables

In Drupal 8 tables are responsive as well now! You can label each column high, medium or low importance. This means that when the screen is resizing the low-importance columns are dropped to leave only the needed information, which keeps your site looking nice on mobile devices.

Responsive admin panel

Another thing that makes Drupal 8 mobile friendly is a responsive admin panel. Do we really need to say that it’s important for an admin of a site to be able to do content operation using mobile devices as well as using computer? In Drupal 8 with it’s responsive admin toolbar you’ll be able to work on your smartphone and be productive no matter where you are.

Click here to find out why responsive design is important for your site.


Drupal is the CMF that always meets your needs and keeps up with the times. And now, using Drupal 8, you can develop your site to be usable on every device that’s out there. Considering all of the improvements that were listed above, we can now say without hesitation that Drupal 8 is really mobile friendly and mobile first.

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