The services of website migration from DNN to Drupal

Jan 09, 2019
Migrate website from DNN to Drupal

Every website owner chooses the CMS that suits their business goals. It’s never too late to switch to another CMS — this move alone may bring a world of benefits. Numerous Drupal strengths inspire customers to migrate their websites to Drupal. And, as a Drupal support agency, we help them all smoothly move from any CMSs, even non-PHP ones. We would now like to describe an example of such a service — website migration from DNN to Drupal.

What is DNN (DotNetNuke)?

DNN (formerly known as DotNetNuke and now referred to as DNN Evoq) is a content management system based on Microsoft .NET. DNN uses the C# programming language as of version 6, though it was originally built on VB.NET.

DNN is loved by those who prefer Microsoft technology and ASP.NET. The core features of DNN for websites can be extended by third-party add-ons.

In addition to the open-source DNN Platform (formerly known as DotNetNuke Community Edition), there also are two commercial editions: Evoq Content and Evoq Engage. They have are distributed under proprietary licenses, and have enhanced features and technical support.

Website migration from DNN to Drupal by Drudesk

DNN shows its most powerful capabilities in commercial versions, while Drupal is completely free. This is one of the reasons why some customers want to switch to Drupal, alongside the great scalability, content editing features, user roles and workflows, and much more. The benefits of Drupal 8 for business are especially convincing.

Drupal has a powerful Migrate API that handles migrations from any sources with some custom migration scripts and with the help of custom migration scripts and our careful developer hands. Anyone who wants a DotNetNuke to Drupal migration, can drop a line to Drudesk. Here’s how our cooperation will go:

  • You show us your DNN website and share your expectations from your future Drupal website. DNN to Drupal migration is an awesome chance to rethink the website structure and add new features according to your business goals. And our experts can advise you on what is best to add, considering Drupal’s capabilities.
  • We create a fresh Drupal installation of the latest version and prepare to migrate your content and functionality from DotNetNuke.
  • On the Drupal website, we build the appropriate content types with all fields that reflect your content structure. Drupal is very flexible in this and offers everything for custom content type creation out-of-box.
  • Your DNN content is then fetched from the database and attached to these content types using custom database query scripts. This may include articles, news, images, videos, galleries, documents, attachments, files, category names (taxonomy terms), and so on. If your website has users, they can be migrated using a similar approach. We will safely migrate your content and users from the database regardless of the fact that DNN uses C# and Drupal uses PHP.
  • All the necessary configurations will be created on your Drupal website. This includes the above-mentioned content types and fields, taxonomy vocabularies, user roles, comment types, and so on.
  • All the functionality you had on your DNN website, or want to add as new, will be created in Drupal. For this, Drupal has a strong core and 42,000+ contributed modules that cover many needs. If there is no contributed module for some feature you want to have, we will create a custom Drupal module for it. Complex third-party integrations, advanced e-commerce, and anything else is possible with Drupal.
  • To create the best look and feel of your website, we can create a Drupal theme based on your DNN template or from scratch.
  • We carefully test your new Drupal website, show the results to you, and deploy them to production. During this process your DNN website will stay intact.

Migrate your site from DNN to Drupal today

Drudesk team will take care of your website migration from DNN to Drupal in accordance with best practices. Enjoy the smooth migration and all Drupal benefits!

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