Migration to Drupal 8 Saves Money

Dec 19, 2018
Migration to Drupal 8 Saves Money

Do you know what makes Drupal 8 special? Instead of releasing new features all at once, this version provides monthly fixes and updates to Drupal core. Such monthly updates keep Drupal 8 website secure and usable. What’s more, Drupal 8 is far more profitable for business than other versions. Haven’t experienced the ease of use of D8 yet? Time to upgrade your website! Rely on Drudesk for migration services.

Discover why migration to Drupal 8 saves money and start your website upgrade today. 

How migration to Drupal 8 Saves Money?

The Drupal community has already announced the expected release of Drupal 9 and end-of-life for Drupal 7. With Drupal 7’s end of life on the near horizon, using the older platform to build new websites will amount to added expenses in a few years. Whatever you’re doing on D7 will have to be redone when the version ultimately runs out of grace. It is only prudent to migrate now or begin any new websites in D8.

drupal 7 end of life

The future looks bright for Drupal 8 website owners. 

You might be wondering:

Why do I need to spend money on Drupal 8 now, if it is only foreseeable that I’ll be needing to rebuild my website and pay again with an even later version of Drupal on the way?

This is what some companies do to avoid migration costs. However, the answer is that D8 to D9 is only a small step. There won’t be a plethora of new features and updates to deploy (unlike D7 to D8). This means that your Drupal 8 modules will still work in a new version. 

release of Drupal 9

For those who use the latest D8 minor version, migration to Drupal 9 will be smooth. In fact, D9 should be almost identical to the last Drupal 8 release, with deprecated code removed, as stated in the article by Dries Buytaert ‘Making Drupal upgrades easy forever.’

All these mean that migration to Drupal 8 saves money:

  • you don’t have to rewrite the whole code for D9
  • new minor releases strategy makes migration painless
  • constant D8 updates prevent additional expenses for web fixing
  • D8 modules will be compatible with D9

It’s Time to Migrate to Drupal 8

The technological scape is always changing, but Drupal innovation is enabling its users to make transitions more easily to better and more secure websites. For Drupal 7 users, it’s time to take the leap. Migration to Drupal 8 saves money. Our migration experts are ready to help bridge the gap and take your digital platform to Drupal 8 so you can start benefiting today and well into tomorrow.

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