The 5 biggest web design trends 2022

Feb 03, 2021
Leading Web Design Trends

More than a month ago, we said GOODBYE to 2020. So for us, it's the most appropriate time to talk about web design trends for 2022. 

Due to globalization and technical progress, users became overexposed to internet trends. The situation got worse because of Coronavirus when all of us were isolated, and the only way to buy something or to communicate was through online sources. 

May web design trends start every year (if not every month) in an attempt to appeal to clients’ eyes. But when most companies start to follow this or that trend, it inevitably becomes ineffective because of over saturation. So the way out for designers is to check web design trends out from time to time to offer something new for the clients. For business owners, it's a source of ideas for their brand's development. 

Our web designers say that following web design trends 2022 may be good in some ways. But also we should be creators of trends because there is an enormous amount of competition. So try it for yourself and stand out more. 

5 stunning web design trends for 2022

Now, let's explore the TOP-5 magnificent trends in detail and see how we can implement them successfully. 


The dark mode is one of the leading web design trends 2022, and we believe it’s popularity won’t decline. Some famous companies such as Apple, Google, Instagram, Android, and others offer alternative dark themes

There are core reasons for its popularity:

  • It looks ultra-modern.
  • It saves battery power for the devices.
  • It reduces eye strain in low-light conditions.

The dark mode is great for both desktop and mobile devices. Also, many applications provide visitors with the ability to choose when to activate the dark mode.  For example, Apple users can schedule times to change their device appearance automatically. 


2. 3D ELEMENTS (VR usage)

3D elements have attracted users for many years. Applying 3D technology in graphic design is obviously a great way to create a lively picture of flat stuff, which always attracts people's attention. The popularity of this web design trend in 2022 is going to increase as VR and AR technologies gain momentum now. 

Now is a perfect idea to combine these techniques to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals taking up the whole users’ screen. That’s not just an advantage for visuals, but also encourages users to stay longer. 

One of the key requirements for a successful 3D graphics implementation is the high performance of your website UI. If your platform is not fast-loading and well-optimized, it will not smoothly support such heavy content. As a result, your website may provide users with lags, low response time, and so on.



The innovative web design trends 2022 stands for building intensity. Do you like the 3D effect from above but want to tone it down? Soft shadows and floating visuals evoke positive emotions. They show the depth in elements and make your webpage look slightly 3D. 

This combination gives the possibility of creating a drown effect and a lightweight feeling. This way, you can move away from classic, flat, and immutable designs where layers are placed strictly in the right order. The web design applies to graphics and the text, images, videos, etc.



Another hot web design trend in 2022 is overlapping graphics onto the images. Such a mixing technique allows you to unleash your creativity and implement fabulous designs.

This collage-like tendency is flexible. You can use it to create childless product images or add seriousness to a financial or tech website. It is a perfect way to customize images and add extra personality to your web design.
Want to get the best from this trend? Unify the style of the designs and visual elements with your brand personality.



The era of classic and realistic product images is a thing of the past. Forget about them and step forward with a new web design trend in 2022 - surreal item photos. In 2022, it is expected to become a widespread trend over most eCommerce platforms and online stores.

The main idea is to daze the customers and attract their attention by showcasing interesting and unreal elements. They force potential consumers to use their imagination and stay longer on your website. This way, you can increase the average session time and possibly improve the conversion rate.


Implement web design trends 2022 into your site to stay up to date and effective

At the brink of this new decade, web designers are simultaneously looking to the future and to the past for inspiration. And thanks to this multitude of opposing web design trends 2022, movements, and styles it’s safe to say that web design will be full of surprises.

Of course photos and videos have memorable benefits. They draw attention to your website and products. 

For the image that gets the lion’s share of attention, make sure it’s worthy — you should use a powerful or artful visual that says it all.  Attention-grabbing visuals and colors, 3D effects, and old trends reinvented are all clear indicators of the web design trends 2022. This movement extends beyond the screen as well, with modern web design emphasizing more user-friendly site experiences, such as minimalist navigation and less eye-straining dark design.

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