IT staff augmentation on demand: myths vs reality

Apr 11, 2017
IT staff augmentation on demand: myths vs reality

As you know, there are four business models: B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B. Let’s focus our attention on Business to Business. We have already shared our advice about how to create an effective B2B website. Today we continue with one more useful thing for B2B companies, often used by them on demand — IT staff augmentation. We are going to mention the main myths about it and find the truth. So, if you are not sure whether hiring temporary help is a worthwhile solution, then read further — we’ll help you be confident in your decision.

Myth #1: It’s time-consuming

You may think that any new developer in a team needs some time to get used to everything and learn your company’s specifics and that you, in your turn, also need some time to familiarize yourself with this new person. However, when you want to start working with a new technology, program, system or service, which is unfamiliar to the existing staff, you’ll need to spend much more time teaching them how to use it. And time is money, as you know. Moreover, even after your existing staff is provided with the required technical knowledge, they will need some practice. So, it would be faster to engage an experienced professional or professionals, who already have knowledge and skills in IT sphere and, what is more important, on whose experience you can rely.

Myth #2: It’s expensive

Keeping a permanent staff of web developers, QA testers, SEO people and all the other IT specialists you might need is difficult. And paying full-time wages to them during the whole year is expensive if you actually don’t need their help all the time. When you temporarily augment your staff, you pay for the particular kind of work that you need and for the particular period of time you need the work to be done. So, you can save a substantial sum of money by spending it just for the right skills, knowledge and experience, applied at the right times and by avoiding expenditure for teaching your workers.

Myth #3: It’s risky

Working with new people always brings a little worry or anxiety, which is natural. However, when your business goals can’t be reached with the help of your existing staff, then you should augment it. This is less risky than entrusting complete control over your project to a completely unknown development team. If you want to be as sure as possible of your success and manage your web project internally, then you can minimize your risks with IT staff augmentation.

Myth #4: It’s virtual, and therefore not effective

Modern technologies give us opportunities unlimited by the physical distance. So, why not use its benefits? There are many ways to be in touch, from e-mail to Skype video calls. You can send photo reports, screenshots, links, etc. and receive an immediate reply in real time. Information technology is all about virtuality, which brings the entire world closer to you. Engaged people will be connected with each other and able to discuss all the details involved in developing your site or application, applying new functionality on it, or creating new features, regardless of distance. By augmenting your staff with foreign IT experts, you will still be able to control every single step in the process and see feedback.

Myth #5: It can’t do much

Indeed, agencies that offer staff augmentation services can offer much more than just helping your team complete one task. Look for an IT company ready to provide you with support and maintenance services as well. After all, the result that lasts for a long time is the only result that matters.

Engage our IT experts for your project and control everything internally. Add as many staff as required for as long as you need. Our knowledge, skills and experience are waiting to benefit you. Be open to new progressive solutions, and we are here to give you an extra helping hand.

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