10 years of trust: a success story of one company

Nov 15, 2017
10 years of trust: a success story of one company

It is always worth celebrating significant dates for your business: anniversaries, holidays and all the events that are full of joy and positive energy. This not only brings a team together and helps to break the ice, but also lets you reflect on the results achieved, mistakes you made and future prospects. The ones ending with a zero mark are particularly crucial milestones. So this week, the Internetdevels company, the offshoot of which Drudesk is, celebrates its 10th anniversary. Happy birthday, ID Family, from the Drudesk team! 10 years of a great job, 10 years of togetherness, 10 years of sharing, 10 years of trust, 10 unforgettable years. We hope the next ten years will be even better. But what helps them to stay on top? We tried to find out.

What’s the key to success?

Right priorities

It's not like it's a big secret or anything that a good start can influence the outcome. In InternetDevels, every member of the team takes a very careful and responsible approach to each individual task from start to finish. They know exactly what to do, when to do it and what goals they want to achieve. The teamwork is always well-organized and priorities are correctly set. The best proof of this is the hundreds of projects made by InternetDevels.

Strong position and self-development

The ID Family doesn’t spend all their time at the office. They make a great contribution to the Drupal Ukraine Community. InternetDevels is a sponsor, organizator and participant of many significant Drupal events: conferences, training days, code sprints, etc.. We have attended lots of them together: Lviv Euro DrupalCamp, DrupalCon New Orleans, Bid & Tender Winner Conference, ConversionCon UA, and more. The last event, Lutsk Drupal Camp 2017, became one of the most important for Drudesk. With InternetDevels, we organized the conference, which had 240+ participants, and took one more step to holding DrupalCon in Ukraine!

Constant growth

Starting out in 2007, the team is constantly growing in line with an increasing demand for services. They always follow new updates, improve their knowledge and encourage sharing it with others and the Drudesk team as well. InternetDevels continues to expand its services, they are moving forward and are not planning to stop there. As the founder of both companies, InternetDevels and Drudesk, Leviks outlines:

I am encouraged by the opportunity to fulfil my potential and to enable the success of the people I work with. Building and growing your own business is a very interesting and captivating job that reveals your strengths and weaknesses and lets you improve yourself. And it fills you with drive!

It is interesting to give yourself and your team the opportunities to develop both themselves and the company.

It is true what they say that thoughts are things. It was November 15, 10 years ago, when Victor Levandovsky decided to create his own company. No one expected such a result at that moment. Today, Internetdevels is one of the leading IT companies. We thank you for the opportunity to feel ourselves a small part of the big and friendly ID Family!

And now, we are going to prepare for the amazing Black & White Party celebrating InternetDevels 10th year in business as we are also invited.

invation to visit the Black&White Party

Once again, happy birthday to Leviks and InternetDevels! The best is yet to come!

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