How to get high-quality traffic after your website launch

Nov 07, 2016
How to get high-quality traffic after your website launch

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur who is going to start a web resource. Probably you’re wondering what to do in order to become successful quickly. We are here to help you with this problem and create a web strategy to meet all your requirements and needs. Our experts in marketing can give you valuable and useful advice. Following these rules will increase high-quality traffic to your site. Are you interested? We bet you are.

Increase traffic to your site with Google Adwords

Contextual advertising is the most effective way of getting traffic after running a web resource. A sophisticated internet marketing campaign is essential for success. Google is able to help to promote your brand because it has the excellent service Google Adwords. It is a great opportunity to send high-quality traffic to your resource. You need some skills and knowledge for creating an effective marketing campaign with Adwords, however, so let’s discuss this issue in detail.

You can place an ad with text like: "New cars in Washington." This may bring many visitors and generate lots of registrations. But you may attract people with a smaller budget than you expected. A more useful ad might be "New cars in Washington starting at $10,000." You orient visitors according to the budget $10,000, which helps bring many more conversions for your business.

Another thing that can be helpful is retargeting ads. What does this mean? Each person who visits your web resource begins to see ads on other websites that support retargeting. You may remind people about your product or brand by using the retargeting feature.

Increase traffic to your website with social networks

"If your business is not online, then your business will be out of business." We fully agree with this Bill Gates quote. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of "web presence" for effective business online. What can help you with your "web presence" and bring additional traffic your resource?

Today there are many popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. They get millions of visitors daily, and some of them may be your customers. What do you need to do?

You should pay attention to this issue, because supporting some social media profiles will increase the flow of interested people to your website. But you need high-quality content for these social networks.
Does your company have enough resources to create video content? We recommend considering Youtube. It is the most popular video hosting service in the world and was bought by Google in October 2006. Besides, your success on Youtube will bring higher SEO rankings in Google and additional quality traffic to your site.

Get traffic with email marketing

Another practical thing which is directly related to the effective launch of the website is thoughtful email marketing. Bright and informative letters will help visitors to know what's happening with your brand and resource.

You should also include videos and useful links in your letters. It may encourage visitors to share your info on social networks, as their friends might be interested in reading your content. Those people can visit your website and become potential clients in the future.

Improving the SEO rankings of your web resource

You have to optimize your website according to the requirements of search engines. Therefore, we recommend these tips:

  1. Use meta tags. For example, a “title” tag can improve SEO rankings and a well-judged “description” tag is able to bring visitors to your site.
  2. Using internal links is also important. A thoughtful “link building” strategy has a positive impact on the SEO rating of the web resource.
  3. Content should be unique and exciting. Your visitors will be happy to share this information with their friends on social networks.
  4. You should think about your website’s usability — SEO rankings will improve if users spend more time on the site.

Now you know some ways for improving SEO rankings of your website. If you want to know all the ways to promote your site online, we recommend you seek the advice from the experts of our company.

External Website Optimization

Besides internal optimization of the website, you should do an external optimization as well. External optimization can also significantly improve the SEO performance of the resource. Let's examine this with an example: You own a web resource. Its main topic is discussing IT. Posting the information to other websites on the same topic can boost your fame among internet users. They visit those resources, read some useful info and go to your website. Simple, isn’t it?

Analyze your website

Google Analytics is an analysis tool that enables site owners to receive high-quality information reports. These reports help users to create their own web strategy for advertising their brand online. We encourage you to use Google Analytics because:

  1. It helps you understand where people are coming from and how they behave on your resource. A few months ago we wrote about the "Goals and Filters of Google Analytics." You can check it by the link.
  2. It has an intuitive and easy to use interface.
  3. Tracks all ad campaigns.
  4. Integrated with Google Adwords.
  5. And the most important thing — it's totally free.

Using Google Analytics properly will help you build a careful strategy for advertising.

What if I’m a newbie to SEO, SMM and Email Marketing?

You have learned about the most popular ways of increasing high-quality traffic to your website right after its launch. But what if you are new to internet marketing? How can you receive quality traffic without any skills and abilities?

We encourage you to contact our company for personalized advice on how to promote your website on the Internet.

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