Ways to improve your travel product's mobile conversion rate

Oct 18, 2018
improve your travel product's

We have just returned from a trip — and to our surprise, the entire vacation was planned with the help of one mobile device.

From looking into travel ideas and planning routes to booking hotels and ordering meals, everything was done on a smartphone.

We’re not the only ones. In a modern, mobile-first society, people are constantly turning to their smart devices to make their travel decisions. According to Booking.com, one in two journeys begin on a mobile device. Google Analytics admitted that in 2016, 40% of U.S. travel website visits came from mobile. With a growing number of people using mobile devices to purchase all sorts of products and services, you have to ensure your travel product meets all consumer demands.

Discover how to increase your travel product’s mobile conversion rate

How well is your travel website performing for your users? Our Drupal maintenance company have prepared some tips for improving your travel website's mobile conversion rate.

Use Micro-Moments in Travel Decisions 

For on-the-go information travelers turn to their mobile devices. Instant access to all kinds of information allows for a more fluid travel itinerary where decisions can be made quickly.

You can use a micro-moment approach to take advantage of this. For travel services, these are opportunities to remain in touch with the customer throughout the entire journey.

For an example, let’s imagine you own a company that offers boat trips along the river somewhere in the mountains. A micro-moment approach would provide temporary discounts for those who are in the area and eager to take a trip in the next hour or two. Recommend additional nearby activities involving your products or services on the website.

To find out how you can benefit most, your travel brands needs to ask the question: What is the right place and the right time? Explore the details. Micro-moments are the times you may be of the most use to a user. Useful information and instant solutions will make a customer stay longer on your web page or even come back again soon. As a result, the mobile conversion rate of your travel product will increase.

Make Your Travel Website Easy to Use

Mobile users appreciate when they can get to the product’s core quickly. In most of the cases, travelers use mobile devices on the basis of ‘last-minute decision’ making. Are there any rooms available in the hotel I’m about to pass in my cab? I have just finished my lunch, but do I have time for desert before the last bus departs the city? Providing quick solutions to these familiar travel situations and more will improve engagement and increase conversion rate. If your travel app specializes in hotel bookings, get users to the search page as fast as possible. Avoid all the onboarding screens and unnecessary options.

Make your Travel Website Always Available

People rely heavily on mobile devices while traveling and you need to do more than just be present. Become an expert in the services or products you offer. Discover what travelers are looking for. Identify micro-moments and be ready to offer new services to meet all possible requests. Provide something extra too — extra information or services to show that you identify with a customer’s needs and are there for them.

For an example, a surf rental shop might not only include tide and weather forecasting on its website, but also highlight the best locales daily and recommend a certain board and time to surf. Think about what really matters for the person who is looking to use your services and when and how to fulfill their demands. Make travelers want to come back to your platform or recommend it to their friends and the mobile conversion rate of your travel product will get higher.

Make your Travel Product User-Friendly

Ease of use and navigation are invaluable features for a travel app or website. Remember that a functional user interface and pleasant design are requisite across all devices. It irritates users a lot when you can’t even scroll a page because it is not displayed properly on a mobile device. If page loads for a long time or the user can not tap on the correct item because field is too small for the finger, they will leave the platform. Correspondingly, the mobile conversion rate of your travel product will reduce.

Here are some simple tips to make website use easier for visitors:

  1. Make it an Efficient Travel Platform. Have an accessible inventory and make it easy to shop and to add more items to the shopping cart.
  2. Make Sure your Travel Website is Goof-Proof. Use alerts and allow for simple correction of some of the common data input mistakes users make, such as entering the wrong mailing address.
  3. Launch an Interactive Travel Website. Ensure that there is enough space for users to tap all the active screen elements and that everything is displayed usefully across all platforms and devices.

To recap

What’s the most successful way to improve your travel brand, improve your mobile conversion rate, and much more? Think like a customer and make it smart. As usual, Drudesk is here to improve your mobile travel products and experiences. Get in touch today to receive help Drupal website support.

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