Add Image Effects on the Drupal 8 website — A Guide to Image Effects module for Drupal 8

Oct 21, 2020
Image Effects on the Drupal 8 website

Drupal 8 has already proven its versatility. Its core already has modules for working with images, but installing additional modules will not hurt (for example, the Image effects module).

If you stop using just your Drupal site's standard features, there is no question that your site will increase in convenience, attractiveness, and victory over your competitors!

Our Drupal support agency has created today's blog to expand your site's horizons and introduce you to the main features of the Image effects module. Enjoy your reading!

How to apply filters on your website images?

Today's online world is simply impossible to imagine without filtered photos. It starts with Instagram to simple websites.

All users are already accustomed to photo filters because it makes photos more attractive and can hide flaws. Proper filtering opens up new facets of your site's attractiveness. By adding filters, you can look unique and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

How do you put a filter on pictures on your website? If you process photos on a computer and then upload them to the site, we can show you how to add effects to photos right on your site using the convenient Image Effects module.

A general overview of the Image Effects Module

Last updated: 27 August 2020

Image Effects Module

The first thing that visitors see on the site is pictures. They must be attractive to the user, as they make them stay on the page and wait until all the content is loaded.

Pictures are the vanguard in the search position war! Therefore, you need to work with them and make sure that they load quickly and efficiently.

Each CMS System has tools for working with multimedia data. Drupal is no exception. For Drupal 8, the Image Effects module was developed for this very purpose. It is an ideological continuation of the Imagecache Action module.

Image Effects module`s features

The Image Effects module allows you to add additional image effects to your images. These effects are based on visual & hover effects.

The main list of Image Effects features:

1. Adding watermark

The plugin allows you to add a watermark over the main image. You can place it anywhere you want.

Adding watermark

2. Automatically correct orientation

It works to ensure that all the images on your site are automatically adjusted to fit the device's screen.

3. Brightness correction

Using the plugin, you can change your images' brightness level and set the brightness you need.

Brightness correction

4. Adding an overlay 

If you need to add some elements or text to the image, such as photo-corners, this module can do it.

Adding an overlay

5. Allows for color shift

This module allows you to change the color of an image using the color shift feature.

Allows for color shift

6. Contrast changing

Want to change the contrast of a specific image? Do it using this module.

Contrast changing

7. Canvas manipulation

Using this module, you can manipulate the canvas and change the background color.

Canvas manipulation

8. Format switching

Depending on your needs, you can save the image in whatever format you need.

Installing process of Image Effects modules

  • You can install Image Effects only using Composer.
  • Your site should have PHP 7.1+.
  • Your site should be on Drupal 8.8+ and 9+.
  • There should be an Image module from Drupal core.
  • There should be a particular image toolkit included

Configuration of Image Effects modules

1. Open the Manage tab

2. Go to Configuration

Go to Configuration

3. Click on Media

4. Click on Image toolkit

Click on Image toolkit

5. Set your toolkit

6. Then open the Image Effects configuration page to choose UI elements this module should use:

  • Color selector
  • Image selector
  • Font selector
Image Effects configuration page

This may seem a little confusing to you, but it really is necessary for your site. Alternatively, you can turn to professional web developers who will only need a few minutes to get everything set up and installed correctly.

Install the Image Effects Module at Drudesk web support agency!

With the Image Effects Module, you can quickly animate your site, making the image enlarge on hover, rotate, or reflect.

To install this module quickly and without hassle, you should hire web developers in Drudesk.

Install the Image Effects module to improve your site's visual appeal and make it easier to work with images.

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