How and Where to Get Drupal Help

Feb 08, 2016
How and Where to Get Drupal Help

A danger foreseen is one half avoided. If you have problems with your Drupal website it’s high time you repair it.

Now, you may think “How can I get Drupal help?” The answer depends on two factors. The first is what you are trying to accomplish (whether it is something simple like figuring out how to change a color within a template or it is more complex like adding e-commerce functions to a site) and the second is your technical skills (you can try to install modules or make other improvements by yourself). In this blog we will reveal you a few ways that you can get Drupal help.

A Few Ways to get Drupal Help

  • Tutorial Websites

There are lots of websites that contain information about Drupal websites maintenance. It’s easy to find information on adding, configuring, updating, upgrading modules and other useful things on Google. However, you must be quite an expert to get the hang of it and support your website on your own.

  • Drupal's Help system

The core Help module supports Drupal's built-in help system. All enabled modules in the site, for which Help is available, are on the core Help landing page. If you’ve already been using Drupal 7 you may wonder how to access Help in Drupal 7. The help text provided via the Help module displays a brief explanation of various settings, uses, and configuration options, to help guide administrators and users.


Drupal provides a great website where you can find help with almost everything Drupal related. This is truly where you can ask questions and get answers in forums, social networks, and e-mail, get quick responses in a friendly chat in the IRC channels, visit the marketplace to find professional Drupal services and more. Here you can start working with Drupal, extend it and get support.

  • Drupal Support Company

Of course, nothing is better than choosing a good support team and letting them take care of any issues you might have. Drudesk team is a support company which provides Drupal help. From quick fixes to web consulting, we do everything to meet your needs. We’ve got a variety of resources to help you get the most out of your Drupal-site. If you want a style update, a theme or plugin installation, customization, bug fix, troubleshooting or even just general help figuring something out, we are here to help you.

Ways to get Drupal Help

What is the Best Decision?

Just like a house or a business, a website needs to be maintained. Website edits, bugs fixing, updates, creating new content on existing pages or any other website enhancements are essential for your web-page. If you are not experienced in working with Drupal, the best solution is to call our support team. Our Drudesk crew will make your website run like it should, because we know Drupal inside and out. We will leave no stone unturned, and you will definitely enjoy working on your webpage.

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