How to increase conversions with videos on your website

Sep 18, 2017
How to increase conversions with videos on your website

People say that it’s better to see something once than to hear it one hundred times, and that actions speak louder than words. They are right. Video content helps convince and convert more people than text can. So follow tips and tricks of video content marketing. No matter whether it’s a video for your landing page or vlog, or whether it’s a product showcase or brand storytelling — any video must capture the viewers’ hearts and minds.
To help you create great videos, we have given recommendations on what video format is best for your website, and now we’ll tell what other features your video should have in order to attract more customers’ attention to your site and brand.

What do you need to create a compelling video for your site

Make your video client-focused

You should know for sure who to target your video message to. Creating a user persona is helpful in this situation. You may also ask questions directly to your customers using polls and surveys, or find out their opinions in the comment section and other ways of feedback. This will help you understand what information your target audience needs in order to present videos on topics they will be interested in and in a way they will understand and like.

Be sure not to make your video boring to watch

Keep your message brief, and insert only vital information in concise form. The optimal length of your video footage is from one to five minutes. The few first seconds are decisive, so keep your viewers interested from the very beginning. Otherwise they will, at best, skip ahead or won’t watch till the end at all.

Don’t shoot too much from the same angle. As long as it’s video, not audio, use the opportunity to impact visual perception. Make it dynamic, unpredictable, creative and not tiring.

Appeal to the emotions of your video viewers

If you want your video to be memorable and not leave your viewer indifferent, then it must provoke strong emotional reactions. They can be both positive emotions (like joy, delight, pride or relief) and or negative (fear, sadness, sympathy, guilt or anger). Describe the situations and phenomena close to the target audience: the problems they faced, the consequences that can await them, and the solutions that will bring relief. As researches show, the most effective way to cause sympathy smiling people, babies and furry animals.

Put an engaging call to action in the end

Encourage users to take some actions after watching your video. Show them the easy way to purchase your product, order your service, subscribe to you, give feedback, share the video, find more related content or whatever makes sense, depending on your business goals. Include short engaging sentence with hyperlinks or a call-to-action button to direct them to an appropriate page or web form.

Share your video through social media

Different social media platforms can significantly speed up the process of spreading your video and reaching wider audience of prospective customers. Thus,

  • at first, when you post video on your official website, use social media buttons to allow users to share it with other users and promote it for free.
  • Later, post the same video directly on your social business accounts with links to your website.

These two things contribute to easy navigation between web resources for both social media users and your site users.

As far as social media goes, YouTube is the best adapted for videos. It allows you to easily monitor the number of views, likes and dislikes and communicate through comments. However, you may also publish your videos on your business pages in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. If want to explore social media trends in 2017, you could upload 360-degree videos or ephemeral videos, or broadcast live video streaming besides ordinary video footages.

Make your videos really compelling and they will boost retention and enhance conversion rates. If you have any questions about improving your website, feel free to contact our specialists.

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