How to Get More Customer Reviews: 5 Simple Rules to Follow

Apr 14, 2016
How to Get More Customer Reviews: 5 Simple Rules to Follow

Shoppers trust a personal recommendation above anything else. Reviews definitely help companies to satisfy client’s needs and promote businesses. You may have heard that it takes a lot of time to get more customer reviews. But in fact, this is not entirely true. There are plenty of techniques available, so it doesn’t take much effort.

We’ll walk you through a few practical things that you can use: how to take a personal interest in your customer opinion, simplify ways to leave a review, ask your shoppers for a personal recommendation, and use a third party review services. Let’s take a look.

5 Ways to Get Customer reviews

  • Take a Personal Interest in Your Customer Opinion

Show your customers that you appreciate their business and care about their feedback. Use every opportunity to make sure your customer was satisfied with the purchase or interaction with your company. The main point you should emphasize for customer reviews is how important these testimonials are for other people, who are looking for a feedback about your product or service. Let your visitors know that by doing this they are helping others to make a great choice.

  • It’s All About Simplicity

To write a review usually takes time out of user’s busy schedule, so an average customer is not going to search for ways to do it for you. Make it easy for them to find a way to leave this review, for example put direct links to review profiles on your website or Facebook page. Remember: no complicated forms or tangled paths to review profiles.

  • Ask Your Customers

Customers understand that reviews are important for any business. So, if you provide an excellent product or service, just ask and they will cheerfully agree to give you a feedback.

It is important for you to ask your customers for a review a few times. Clients trust businesses where products and services are long lasting and reliable, so it will be beneficial for you to have a review submitted a few months after a transaction, because your client will be able to ensure that your product or service is tried-and-true.

  • Outsource

Such services as Reevoo and Trustpilot specialize in helping businesses to grow their customer reviews. The benefit of these services is that they create an honest communication between customer and a brand. However, they can be expensive and will only generate reviews on their own platform. So, take into account its pros and cons before you decide if a third party review service is right for your business.

  • Express your gratitude!

Thank your reviewers! It will not only be nice for your customers, it will also encourage them to leave reviews for your products constantly. Offer a discount off of their next purchase or a free sample of a product. By doing this you are thanking them for taking the time to describe their experience and being honest.


There’s a common saying that quality doesn’t come cheap, but all these tips together can create magic quite easilly. Be interested in your customer’s experience, keep in touch with your clients and don’t forget to say “Thank you!” to your shoppers! At the end of the day, the best path to having great reviews is to offer a great product and customer experience. If you create remarkable experience for your shoppers, you will get great reviews. If you have any issues or questions contact us, the Drudesk development team is ready to help you with your website!

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