Choosing the Domain Name for Your Website: One More Important Task

Apr 28, 2016
Choosing the Domain Name for Your Website: One More Important Task

When people decide to launch a website, they usually don’t think about having to choose the domain name for it later.

However, it is quite a vital aspect, and it should be done accurately and effectively. Remember, if you choose the domain name correctly, your website will gain an awesome reputation, great success and high profits.

If every Internet user remembers your site’s name, they will be able to visit it at any time they want, and your profits will grow. So take this point seriously and responsibly. Experts who have created lots of web-platforms claim that the domain name choice is one of the most important things to consider during website implementation process.

What Should Be Taken into Account When Choosing a Domain Name?

  1. Keep in mind, if you are aiming to make your site relevant and accurate, then a free domain name won’t work. Therefore, you’ll have to fork over the money and buy a name for your web-platform. If you want to make a good choice, then you should take into consideration a few factors. For example, euphony is an integral parameter when choosing a name for your site, because you have to understand how a website name will eventually sound.
  2. You also need to try to choose a short domain name because it’s easy to remember. That way all the visitors who once visited your website and were satisfied will remember the name, so they can re-visit your page.
  3. When you register domain name for your future site, you need to understand that it will reflect the activity or service. So, try to pick it up properly, as the success of your website depends on it.
  4. When choosing a domain name, you should consider the uniqueness of the domain name spelling. For example, if your domain name is then typing errors are possible: or In this case, select the domain name with unique spelling, or select the spelling that is the most commonly used.
  5. Once a domain is selected, you shouldn't forget that you should check out its story. After all, there are some situations when a free domain name is registered and it already has a bad history. You can check the history of your domain name using special services, here is one of them: Whois.
  6. If your site is thematic, choose a domain name that contains one of the keywords associated with the topic of the site. Search engines will put your site in a higher position in the search results.
  7. How to choose the domain zone? It depends on the target audience of your website. For example, for US visitors select COM, for Ukraine — UA, for United Kingdom — UK, etc.

How to Choose a Domain Name Correctly

Your domain name can represent name of your company or brand in Latin letters. If your company name consists of several words write them together or use a hyphen. The domain name also can showcase the main direction of your activities.

Now, you know how to choose the right domain name for your site, and if you follow our advice, you will definitely succeed. One more vital thing is hosting. In one of our blogs we have described how to choose the best Drupal hosting. And if you have some problems with your web-platform or you need website maintenance, Drudesk is ready to help you!

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