Best Ways To Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Dec 02, 2020
How to support small businesses this holiday season

The current pre-holiday bustle will be completely different from last year because of Covid.

And most likely, people will go online shopping far more than they have in the past. To stand out from all the competitors, business owners need to learn to effectively develop and support their small businesses this holiday season.

Please read our blog to find out how to develop your business to bypass large networks. Our Drupal web developers are confident that the size and quantity of your business do not matter, only its quality.

Why do you need to support small businesses this holiday season?

As Jessica J. Palacios once said, “The beauty of small businesses is that each of us is unique, and customers shouldn’t expect and don’t want the same service that they get at big-box stores. Instead, they get personal recommendations, vibrant communities, and a passion for supporting an entrepreneur’s dream. This is one of the main reasons why buyers choose small businesses.”

Earlier, we asked buyers why they choose small businesses as opposed to large companies. Below, we collected their answers and highlighted the top reasons ahead of the holiday season.

Top 5 reasons why clients will choose small businesses this holiday

1. the most personalized approach

"I really love to buy in small online or physical shops. Every time I go there, I feel that they are happy and want to please me. It's nice. I would say that I prefer their personalized approach, advice, rather than jingle phrases."

2. unique things

"The main reason for me is that only in small shops I can find unique things and gifts, and not typical junk."

3. convenience

"Well, first of all, it's convenient, because you don't have to go far to buy something. I can run to the store in my pajamas or just click the buy button. I think that's the main reason for me.."

4. conscious position

"I buy in some new, small shops to support their business. My aunt has such a small shop on the corner of the next street. I know how difficult it is now to run a small business."

5. aesthetic pleasure

"Yes, I buy in small shops. And even more often I go there to feel that spirit and get aesthetic pleasure. For me, going there is like going to a museum. You know, there is some unique spirit, atmosphere."

Top 5 reasons why clients will choose small businesses this holiday

How can you support a small business if you are a client?

  • Shop local online

As a buyer, the best thing you can do is buy it locally online. This way, you will purchase the product you need and also support your local business.

  • Purchase gift cards

Buy the gift cards for your loved ones this holiday season. You can now get gift certificates for all kinds of things, including:

  1. for services
  2. for goods
  3. for food
  4. for service
  5. even for website development

It is also a convenient gift because you can send it by email.

  • Tell your friends about this small business

For small businesses, the most important thing is to get support from as many customers as possible. Tell your friends about this business.

How can you support a small business if you are an owner?

As an owner, you can also support your small businesses this holiday season. To remain competitive, you need to be aware of the latest events and trends. Below are some selected tips for promoting and growing your small business that will be especially popular this holiday season.

Top 6 Ways To Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

1. Create a website

First of all, you need to create a website for your small businesses. Considering the situation around the world, the best solution today is to create an online version of your business. Holidays are the hottest and most productive time for business. It is expected that this year especially people will choose online shopping to buy gifts. Make your business available to them.

2. Add a quick buy button to your website

Adding a quick buy button to the site simplifies the procedure for buying goods from you. It’s convenient for customers to buy your goods and services. In other words, they simply won't have time to change their minds.

3. Start a countdown timer on your website

The countdown timer acts as a magnet and a push for customers to buy your services and goods. It will also allow them to see the number of goods that have been removed, or the time remaining, so they will not delay purchasing the desired product.

4. Add more call-to-action buttons

There are never too many buttons for a call to action, in our professional experience. It is recommended to add one call to action button for every page. Adding too many buttons on one page can be an issue. It is better to make one and focus all your attention on it. To make the call to action buttons work, highlight them with a different color and attractive design.

5. Make your website attractive

Most often, small businesses are loved for their unique approach. Convey your uniqueness and authenticity through the unique design of your site. Consider actionable tips for improving your design. Indeed, the design is the first impression of your business. Your small business doesn't benefit much from using a typical template design.

6. Make your site accessible to all devices

An especially relevant problem for sites of any size is the inaccessibility of display on all devices. In the world of mobile devices, your site must display correctly on all devices. Once you configure your site to display correctly on these devices, you can significantly expand your customer base.

Top 6 Ways To Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Support your small businesses this holiday season with the Drudesk web development agency!

The pandemic has become a real challenge for small businesses. In 2020, many shops were closed, those who stayed to work through the Internet now. It is essential to support small businesses this holiday season. 

We hope these basic ways to develop your small business come in handy. Our web development agency supports small businesses and will be happy to help you implement all your ideas for growing your business.

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