The Easiest Way to Block Spam Bots on your Drupal site

Jan 12, 2016
How to stop spam bots on your Drupal site

So you have a Drupal website where you allow users to post content or comments?

It’s always good to see new people posting — but then the spam posts start appearing.

What is a spam bot? A spam bot is a special program that pretends to be a user and gets registered on your website, then sneaks everywhere to collect email addresses, post spam comments into all forms, and other malicious things. And there are lots of them! But the situation is improvable. Here we list a few of the best ways to stop spam bots on your Drupal website.

Best Modules to Stop Spam Bots from Visiting Your Website

1. The Captcha module

The Captcha module is very effective in driving spam bots away, as only human users can see the symbols that need to be submitted into the form. The downside here is that Captcha can drive people away as well by annoying them. Besides, it can be really hard to read, especially for people with disabilities.

2. The Captcha Riddler module

A very interesting variation for captchas is the Captcha Riddler module. This smart helper can create real riddles for users to answer. Questions like these would puzzle spam bots.

3. The Recaptcha module

Another option like this is the Recaptcha module. It uses the Google reCAPTCHA web service for improving the Captcha system and protecting email addresses. Want to be creative? Offer your users a range of nice images so that they are not so annoyed.

4. The HoneyPot module

An opposite strategy is offered by HoneyPot module. It adds an extra hidden field that humans cannot see and bots can. So when spambots fill in the field, they are thrown away. The advantage of this method is that real users are not affected in any way, unlike with Captcha.

5. The Role Delay module

With the Role Delay module you can slowly give users more and more permissions on your website. For instance, you can forbid newcomers to post comments, but allow it over time.

6. The User Verification module

Verify your users more strictly with the User Verification module. When you enable email verification for users create their accounts, this modules helps you apply special complicated options. You can use this module if you have too many spam bot problems.

7. The Spambot module

The Spambot module can set you free from crowds of fake users. It verifies users’ registration attempts against the Stop Forum Spam database and blocks the registration if necessary.

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Our Drupal help desk team hopes these tips will help you block spam bots from your Drupal site. Be free from spammers!

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