How to organize the website support correctly

Dec 21, 2015
How to organize the website support correctly

Finally, the long and laborious process of developing the site is ended. It may seem as if now that the site is done, you can rest and the site will work without the developer's assistance. But this is not the case; the creation of the site is only the first step. Next, you need to start the constant work of keeping your website in working condition – the website maintenance. This includes several different things - service support, informational support, control effectiveness, and website support itself.

How to organize the website support correctly:

Website maintenance includes the domain host, the work of CMS (Content Management System) and other things that ensure the uninterrupted operation of the site.

The choice of the domain name as a part of website support:

The first and most important stage of technical support is registration of the domain name you have chosen. After this, you need to connect to the DNS service, otherwise, visitors will not be able to access your site. This is also part of the website support.

Host maintenance is one of the functions of the website support:

What is the host? A host is the placement of your site on the Internet. With the help of technical support, the service host is constantly inserted. Typically, putting the site on the server of the customer is an option during the development of the site. Even in this case, though, you cannot dispense with the website support assistance as you need the services of the IT department to maintain the correct server settings.

A working CMS is the technical support’s task:

The site will not be complete if it is not filled with content. To manage the content, you will use a content management system (CMS). With its help information on the site can be updated and edited. The task of the technical support is to ensure the efficiency of the content management system and use all its possibilities when working with the site.

Who will cope with website maintenance?

Let us consider a few options for the organization of the website support to figure out the best one.

The first option. The first instinct of the head of the company will be to entrust the website maintenance to an employee of the company, for example, to the system administrator. This is understandable as it prevents adding additional jobs and you can save on wages. But you can also lose a successful site because the employee does not have the skill to effectively organize the technical support of the site.

The second option is to hire an employee just to take care of the website maintenance. This is not a bad option, but there are additional costs — wages, holidays and sick-leave — these additional costs can be burdensome for the business, and there is still no guarantee that the site will be managed well.

The third option is the best from an economic and practical point of view. You need to outsource website support to a specialized company. The employees of that company have the required skills and knowledge to organize the technical support of the site. The price for these services is much less than the costs for maintaining a separate employee own staff, and the responsibility for the work of the site shifts to an organization designed to take care of sites. Your only worry is to choose a reliable company or professional webmaster, who you can entrust with the website maintenance.

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