7 Benefits of Podcasting For Businesses

Sep 16, 2020
Benefits of Podcasting For Businesses

Since digital marketing has changed dramatically in 2020, site owners have a more detailed approach to site development strategies.

Podcasting for business has become the main work marketing strategy. It is important for a website not only to bypass competitors but also to win and retain the attention of its potential customers. Want to keep users' attention and turn them into clients? Use podcasting for business!

Today, Drudesk web development agency answers the following questions:

  • Why use podcasting for your business?
  • What do you need to start a podcast?
  • What benefits will you get from podcasting?
  • Why is it best to host podcasts on your own site?

Why use podcasting for business?

Nowadays users’ attention is very scattered. People commuting to work eat, listen to the radio, put on makeup, and talk on the phone at the same time!

Put yourself in the shoes of ordinary users. If you had the choice to read a long article, download a video for a few minutes, or turn on a podcast that loads quickly, which would you choose?

The most recent statistics prove the last option is the most popular.

People prefer podcasts over blogs and videos.

A podcast is a way of presenting information as audio. A podcast is a great marketing strategy option for any type of business.

Hot 6 podcasting stats

Not yet convinced? We’ve got proof — here are the top 6 podcast stats.

  1. There are over 1,000,000 shows.
  2. Podcasts are recorded in over 100 different languages.
  3. The audience of listeners is divided almost equally between men (52%) and women (48%).
  4. 55% of Americans have listened to podcasts at least once.
  5. Most often, podcasts are listened to on smartphones (69% of the time).
  6. On average, a listener spends 6.5 hours a week on podcasts.

Benefits of podcasting for your online business

Almost every month, a new company is launching a new podcast. In order to keep up with trends, give a new impetus to your business and get new customers, you need to make podcasts on your site.

TOP 7 Benefits of Podcasting For Businesses

1. Running podcasts on your site will help to increase site conversions

Placing podcasts exclusively on your site increases the interest of users in your site as a whole. They will visit your site often so as not to miss anything.

2. Podcasts can help you grow your audience

Launching podcasts primarily means reaching new audiences or bringing old visitors back.

3. Podcasts generate more credibility

People trust audio calls to action more. Often the voice of the announcer plays an important role in audio podcasts. Nice voices inspire confidence and people want to listen and listen to it ...

4. Podcasts have more conversion

The fact that podcasts are in audio format and people can listen to them wherever they are their biggest plus. This means that people will choose to listen to a podcast more often than read an article on the same topic with identical content.

5. Podcasts will differentiate you from others

If there are 5 more agencies in your niche, but only you launch podcasts, then you will have an important advantage over your competitors.

6. Podcasts foster a new connection with experts

The most effective podcasts are those that invite famous guests. This is a cool opportunity for you to expand your friend circles and capture more audience. In our opinion, this is a win-win formula.

7. Podcasts help you build brand awareness

The more often people talk about your brand, the better for your marketing. Distribute your content in a variety of formats, including podcasts, and you'll get more bang for your buck.

Benefits of Podcasting For Businesses

Steps to get started with business podcasting

There are many guides on how to write a podcast and what you need to do on the Internet. We would like to help you simplify and understand this information. Therefore, here is a clear list of steps for creating podcasts.

Step 1. Choose a topic for your podcast

You need to start by researching an actual topic for a podcast. The more trending the topic is, the more streams and visits you will get. How do you choose a topic for a podcast? YouTube can help you.

Step 2. Write the text for the podcast

There are two main options for podcasting: improvisation and preparation for a podcast.

To begin with, we would recommend starting with the second option. Prepare the text for the podcast so that you know what should go after what and can clearly explain the topic. Don't forget to check your grammar!

Step 3. Record the text in audio format

The time has come to transfer the words on a piece of paper into audio. For this, you can use both professional equipment and a smartphone. Simply, when you record on the smartphone, make sure that:

  • There is no extraneous noise
  • You can hear well
  • There is no echo in the room where you are recording

Step 4. Edit your future podcast

This step is optional but helpful. You can use special audio editing programs (there are free and paid ones).

How to edit is also a very delicate matter, because it all depends on the specific case. Sometimes the audio does not need to be edited, sometimes you only need to apply minimal edits, and sometimes you need to seriously change it.

Here you can include pauses, compositing, volume, and other normalization.

Step 5. Podcast Hosting

What is hosting? You cannot build a house in the air, you have to buy land for it. It's the same here. You can't just create a podcast, it should have a special piece of "land" dedicated to it.

The best and easiest option would be to host the podcast directly on your site. Below we will tell you more about this.

Step 6. Launch a podcast for users

But now it's time to launch your podcast in the world, meaning you should place it on your website and on secondary platforms where people can listen to it.

Of course, the process of creating podcasts takes some effort, but your efforts will be rewarded.

Why host podcasts on your own website?

When it comes to hosting your podcast somewhere, many are at the crossroads. As we already said, hosting is necessary, one way or another.  It is hosting that makes it possible to store your audio wherever.

In theory, there are 2 options for hosting podcasts.

  1. Hosting on third party services
  2. Hosting on your own website

Let's take a closer look at these two options.

Podcast Hosting on third-party services

There are a lot of hosting services on the Internet. At first glance, this looks very tempting, but there is a problem.

If you find a good hosting plan, then you will have to pay a lot and comply with the terms that the platform requires.

Podcast Hosting on your own website

This option allows you to be your own boss.  You do not depend on another person and can do as you see fit.

The main benefits for hosting podcasts on your site are:

  • you do not need to pay monthly for hosting
  • your users go to YOUR site and not to outsiders
  • you increase the interest of your visitors
  • podcasts are hosted directly on your site
  • you manage all the processes yourself

This is a real example of how it can look:

1. Revisionist history website

Revisionist history website

2. It's A Monkey website


Drudesk web development agency helps you with functionality for Podcasts!

If you want to get more customers, just give them what they want. There is a trend towards podcasting for business — bring that to your company.

Our entire blog was dedicated to the fact that podcasting for business is a working marketing strategy. 

So don't hesitate, add the podcast directly to your site to see the benefits mentioned today. Get web development help at Drudesk.

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