Integrate a Payment Gateway Into a Website | Complete Guide

Oct 14, 2020
Integrate a Payment Gateway Into a Website

2020, without exaggeration, revolutionized the digital world and stimulated the trends for eCommerce.

People flooded to buy goods online. To enable your business to make more money in 2020, you just need to integrate a payment gateway into a Drupal website.

What was once brought by caravans and sold by sailors — today you can buy or sell with one click and a payment gateway.

Today we offer a guide to the current topic of payment gateway integration into your Drupal website. To add a payment gateway into a website quickly, contact the Drupal web support company.

What is a payment gateway?

Figuratively speaking, payment gateways are like cash registers, such as in physical stores.

Payment gateways are special services that help make and guarantee secure money transfers.

Payment Gateway serves as an intermediary between you, the bank and your customer. It encrypts all information including:

  • card numbers
  • expiration date
  • CVV

so that no hackers can obtain and use this private information.

Payment Gateway Transaction Types

There are 5 types of Payment Gateway Transaction:

1. Authorization

During the authorization process, the bank checks whether the buyer makes a payment, that is, whether they have enough funds. Once that is confirmed, payment will be made.

2. Capture

At this stage, the actual transfer of funds from the buyer's account to the seller's bank balance is already taking place.

3. Sale

This type combines the first and second types of transactions. For example, this type of transaction occurs when you buy tickets online.

4. Refund

This is when the client refuses to purchase and the seller must use a refund payment and return the money.

5. Void

This transaction resembles a Refund but differs from it in that the refund occurs only if the funds have not yet been transferred to the Capture phase.

How the eCommerce payment gateway works and why you need it?

If you have an eCommerce site but haven't added a payment gateway to it yet, do it. You need this in order for all transfers and receipt of funds to be safe and fast.

What do payment gateways do?

  1. The customer has decided to purchase a certain product.
  2. The customer visits your website (which already has an eCommerce payment gateway).
  3. The customer enters all the necessary details of their card and clicks the buy button.
  4. The customer chooses a convenient payment method.
  5. The browser securely encrypts all data and via SSL forwards the request to the bank.
  6. The bank checks the correctness of the data and allows or rejects the request.
  7. If everything is correct, then a message is sent to the site via the payment gateway about the successful completion of the payment process.
  8. Funds transfer from the customer's account to the seller's account.
  9. The deal is successful and everyone is happy.
how the ecommerce payment gateway works

It is worth noting that all of these 9 steps are completed in less than 3 seconds. This makes it convenient and safe for both the customer and the seller.

Top payment gateway types and providers

To successfully integrate a payment gateway service into your eCommerce Drupal site you need to select it correctly. Therefore, we bring to your attention all possible payment gateway options.

Types of payment gateways:

  • hosted
  • non-hosted/ integrated

Hosted payment gateways for your Drupal site

The essence of hosted payment gateways is that payment is made on a third-party website. This means your customers are redirected to another site.

Hosted payment gateways for your Drupal site

The pros of a hosted payment gateway:

  • you are not responsible for all payment processing
  • you don't need to be PCI compliant
  • you get a relatively easy integration process
  • more convenient to use for small or local companies

The cons of a hosted payment gateway:

  • you cannot control the whole process
  • people don't trust in the security of a third-party website
  • your website conversions are going to decrease

How to integrate with the hosted payment gateway

The integration process is slightly different for each provider. As a rule, all details can be found on the website of a particular provider.

Basically you receive a piece of JavaScript code to place a button on your site that helps your future customers to pay.

Hosted payment gateways:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Non-hosted (integrated) payment gateways for your Drupal site

This is the other way people can pay for your goods. Customers pay for purchases directly on your site and all the data remains with you.

Non-hosted (integrated) payment gateways for your Drupal site

The pros of a non-hosted payment gateway:

  • the whole purchase process is carried out exclusively on your website
  • conversions are growing
  • integration with providers takes place via APIs
  • you can adapt the payment system especially for your business and desire

The cons of a non-hosted payment gateway:

  • customer data security falls on your shoulders
  • you have to be PCI compliant
  • integration of the gateway will take a little longer

How to integrate with the hosted payment gateway

Integration takes place via APIs. In order to carry out the correct integration, you will need the help of professional developers.

Hosted payment gateways:

  • PayPal Pro
  • BrainTree
  • PayU

Popular payment gateway providers

The choice of providers on the Internet is varied, but we bring to your attention only the three most reliable and best.

  • PayPal

PayPal is the most popular payment service in the world.


PayPal features:

  • distributed all over the world
  • flexible
  • uses strong data encryption
  • provides round-the-clock support
  • easy to integrate
  • suitable for different sized companies
  • Stripe

Stripe is considered the most powerful payment service in the world.


Stripe features:

  • available for use all over the world
  • has a simplified PCI compliance system
  • payment is available in 135 different currencies
  • securely encrypts data
  • easily integrates with other platforms
  • Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is the world's most popular eCommerce online payment service.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments features:

  • integrated via API
  • available for any type of device
  • supports all types of payments and credit cards
  • allows you to pay in all popular currencies
  • has a nice interface

How to choose the right gateway for your eCommerce website

First and foremost, you should choose the type of hosted or non-hosted payment gateway you want. We have already described these two types and their advantages above.

In addition, we would advise you to consider 5 factors:

  1. Security: The payment gateway must be secure for both your users and you
  2. Portability of your customers' data: The gateway should allow you to display data about your customers so that nothing is lost.
  3. Good User Experience: Ease of use and mobile-friendly payment gateway play an important role for users.
  4. Globally acceptable: Please note the desired gateway is available worldwide.
  5. Cost: To choose the best payment gateway, analyze the pricing policies of the various possible options.

The cost of payment gateway integration

If you're wondering how much does it cost to integrate a payment gateway, we'll tell you! To get a specific amount, we must see a specific site and specific choices of what the payment gateway should provide.

However, we can give you points that will be included in the final cost of Payment Gateway Integration.

The main elements that make up the cost of adding a Payment Gateway to your Drupal site are:

  • registration cost
  • monthly fee
  • transaction fees
  • amount of time spent on integration

Payment gateway for Drupal site from scratch?

This is perhaps the best option in order to be confident of the whole process of making a purchase and receiving funds.

If you are your own payment gateway on the Drupal site, then you:

  • have absolute control over everything
  • have a unique payment gateway that can be easily changed
  • you will not need to spend extra funds to use
  • have unique features

As you can see, there are many advantages to this.

Drudesk web support company Integrate a Payment Gateway Service Into your Drupal Website

Regardless of which type of payment gateway integration you choose, hosted, non-hosted, or creating your own, you will equally benefit from it.

Contact our web developers if your Drupal site does not yet have payment gateways, or it does not meet your needs. The Drudesk web company will be happy to help you integrate payment gateway services into your website quickly and at an affordable price.

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