How eCommerce has Changed Shopper Behavior Forever in 2020

Jun 24, 2020
how online shopping has changed in 2020

41 years ago, online shopping was born thanks to the crazy idea of Michael Aldrich.

And this year, thanks to Covid 19, eCommerce and customer behavior acquired a new vision and role.

ECommerce in 2020 has entered a new decade of development and change. Customer purchasing behaviors have changed significantly over the pandemics and the development of digital technology.

Today, more and more spheres of business are joining eCommerce. Сovid allowed us to see that not only can an online store be profitable, but so can sale of language courses, a hairdressing guide, etc.

Therefore, the Drudesk team has prepared for you the information on online shopping changes in 2020.

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How has Online Shopping and Customer Behavior changed in 2020?

2020 began with notable changes, including in eCommerce and customer purchasing behaviors. Due to the pandemic, almost all physical stores closed. And those who did not close saw a significant decrease in customers and suffered losses.

All these actions have influenced the behavior of customers and increased the popularity of online shopping activity.

  • In the first half of 2020 online shopping grew to 150% of what it was for the same period in 2019.
  • Prices for some goods, such as toilet paper and gloves, increased by 190% and 670%.
  • Sales of goods such as fitness gear, hobby products, beauty products, and self-development courses have increased.

There is a list of growing and declining product categories in eCommerce 2019 vs 2020.

Top list of 100 fastest-declining categories

Top list of 100 fastest-declining categories

Top list of 100 fastest-growing categories

Top list of 100 fastest-growing categories

Why do customers prefer to buy online in 2020?

  • They can compare many stores before making a choice 

Customers are more likely to buy online because they are able to compare and choose the best store. They simply scroll through various sites and choose a suitable one.

  • They do not need to stand in lines

The biggest reason in the current post quarantine time is the minimization of contact with people. To buy goods сustomers do not even need to leave their house, much less stand in lines.

  • They can read reviews

People often buy online because they can read reviews about the quality of the goods and the reliability of the seller.

  • They save time

Customers do not need to spend time dressing up, going to the shop, communicating with the seller, etc. They can just make tea, turn on the laptop, and click "buy".

  • They can make a purchase even at night

In online stores, they can buy what they need even at night. Online stores, as a rule, are available 24/7.

Top 6 reasons to have an eCommerce site in 2020

2020 shows that having an online store is beneficial and necessary. If you plan to create an eCommerce website then we would recommend you to create an eCommerce website on Drupal CMS.

We have already described why you should choose the Drupal CMS for eCommerce

If you do despite the prevailing circumstances you will be able to work and get income.

Of course, we are returning to the normal rhythm and physical stores are starting to open, but 2020 is not over yet. Who knows, maybe something else is waiting for us) So, let's go!

Top 6 reasons to have an eCommerce site in 2020

Reason №1 - Your income does not depend on external factors

Before Сovid 19, everyone considered physical stores as the best option for business development.
However, during the pandemic, the owners of physical stores suffered heavy losses.
Those who had eCommerce sites did not feel a decrease in income or even received a jump in revenue increase.

Reason №2 - Launch an eCommerce site is cheaper than a physical store

Perhaps the greatest advantage of eCommerce in 2020 is lower startup cost compared to a physical store. You do not need to buy or rent store locations, trading equipment, hire a team for repairs, plumbers, etc. You will have lower business expenses.

Reason №3 - You can expand your customer base

ECommerce does not limit the number of customers you can have. To increase your customer base, you can run effective advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google. Having an eCommerce website allows users from all over the world to make purchases, especially, if your site is multilingual. The eCommerce website in 2020 creates endless possibilities and new markets.

Reason №4 - You can influence your customers

The eCommerce website provides the opportunity to receive data about your customers, their preferences, the paths through which they find you, and more. All this information can be used to meet user expectations, improve your site, and increase your income.

Reason №5 - No limit for your imagination

There are no rules or regulations for the design and maintenance of the website. You can make the design you want, change the navigation as you want, change the color palette of the site, and orient it specifically to your audience. This is a place where you can easily experiment.

Reason №6 - It is convenient for your customers

The fact that your business already has a website makes life easier for your customers. It allows customers to make purchases without leaving their home, see information about your site, and read reviews about you.

Top 10 eCommerce trends for 2020

Today it has already become clear that eCommerce has entered our lives and is not going away. There is only one minus — you have to keep up with your competitors. 

We want to give you a list of relevant features that should be added in 2020. Use it to improve your site today and be prepared for the future.

Top 10 eCommerce trends for 2020

1. The increasing role of predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics can be compared for visiting a fortuneteller, though this is more serious.

Significant growth in predictive analytics is expected in 2020. It is engaged in automation and predicting a customer's actions. Predictive analytics is an effective and hot trend. It analyzes all available statistics to make the most accurate predictions for the future.

For example, predictive analytics can calculate the best time to send a mailing to your customers.

How does it work? It finds all the necessary information about previous mailings, analyzes the data of their conversion rates, opening rates, and engagement rates. Predictive analytics calculates the best time to create a mailing.

2. Introducing artificial intelligence

Every year more and more is spent on the creation and improvement of artificial intelligence. In the second half of 2020, we expect the active introduction of artificial intelligence in eCommerce sites.

Artificial intelligence including customer assistance via chatbot, analyzing customer behavior, and providing personalized services. It helps to better understand and study buyers and provide them with what they are looking for or may want. This is a great trend that enhances the quality of user experience.

Brand Natori has already tried this trend and received very positive results. Social media revenue increased by 76%. We believe that this is a great proof of the trend's effectiveness.

3. Using voice search

As we already said, voice search is the main trend of 2020. It is predicted that by 2023 more than 8 billion devices will have built-in voice assistants

This trend is actively developing because it is very convenient for users to search using voice.

Users intuitively understand how to do this and can search for the desired product without being distracted by their devices. 

Now there is no need to turn on the laptop and click. As the owners of an eCommerce in 2020, you should optimize your site for voice searches in order to be visible to search engines.

4. Subscriptions as the best way to keep your customers

Creating subscription plans for the business helps you to keep customers and become a recognizable brand. This is a very convenient option for companies to be in touch with their customers and encourage them to buy. This is a kind of eCommerce personalization that customers love and value so much.

Director of eCommerce Solutions, David Zimmerman says that "more companies will offer subscription services or monthly payment options for larger purchases".

5. Social media for business development

By the end of this year, a third of Earth's population is expected to use at least one social network. That is, social networks are gathering the largest concentration of potential customers. 

Engage in the promotion of your brand in social networks to get a lot of customers, high profit, and make your brand recognizable. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter are already perfectly optimized and the most popular social networks for promoting eCommerce in 2020. 

Bloggers on social networks are the best way to promote your products and influence the emotions of a large number of users. Advertising with Instagram influencers works better than advertising with a famous star. Why? Because people believe bloggers and perceive them as friends.

6. Active use of chatbots

ChatBots are the same active sales consultants as in stores, but an automated version of a live consultant. 

That is, it is Artificial Intelligence technology that leads the conversation like living people.

They allow serving many people at the same time creating the impression of personalization.

Chatbots for business are a great option as it allows customers to quickly receive answers to their questions. It is predicted that by 2022, about 80% of eCommerce sites will have a chatbot.

7. Mobile Shopping is on top

According to Statista, by 2021, more than 72% of all eCommerce sales will be carried out via mobile phones. The figures are impressive. However, it is also understandable, since now people often use their smartphones for shopping, searching for information, and entertainment.

If you own an eCommerce site, then do not forget to optimize your site and online store for mobile devices. Such actions will open up endless possibilities for your customers.

8. Same-day delivery trend

The same-day delivery trend is another opportunity to become better grow if you have an eCommerce site.

People like to do everything quickly: quickly get a response from the seller, be able to quickly pay online, and quickly receive their desired goods.

If your competitors do not do this yet, then you can do same-day delivery to distinguish your business from them. Same-day delivery will positively impact your revenue and increase your site’s conversions.

9. Visual Search in the site

Modern Internet users expect something new and interesting from your site. They want to get not only a quality product or service but also a pleasant user experience that they remember for a long time.  

The top trend in 2020 for an eCommerce site is the use of virtual site searches. Such innovations will help increase revenue in digital commerce by 30%.

10. Add video to bring more conversion

Video marketing is a win-win option, and it has already proven its effectiveness in 2019. We want to note that this is not a new idea, but still a great and effective option. People watch videos more often than they read blogs. The statistics provided by HubSpot confirms this.

video bring more conversion

Therefore, if you want to capture the attention of customers, add a video to your products.

Shane Barker once said: "The importance of videos can not be understated. Videos can help you explain and showcase your products better than images ever can. You should consider adding videos of your products in your eCommerce store."

The Future of Ecommerce After COVID-19

Of course, Covid 19 is what has made a big impact on eCommerce and changed customer behavior in 2020. Since the physical stores were closed, people poured into online stores. In 2020, online shopping brought its owners a significant increase in revenue.

It is predicted that this will not only be a short surge for eCommerce sites — the trend will continue for a long time It is really convenient to buy online, especially if the site is convenient to use.

It is predicted that with the development of eCommerce, many physical stores will be forced to close. Such data as well confirms the need for the transition to electronic commerce.

Move and develop your business to eCommerce with DruDesk!

Both eCommerce and customer behavior have changed a lot in 2020. Now it is very convenient and profitable to have an online business. If you are still in doubt about whether you should move to an eCommerce site, now is the time to go!

Drudesk will be happy to help you create an eCommerce site, or to refresh your already existing site by adding new features. We promise to do everything twice as fast as before, using a highly effective model of cooperation. Reducing the time to complete a task will help you reduce the costs.

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