3D in Drudesk: three priorities over a successful three-year period

Apr 19, 2018
Drudesk’s third birthday

April 6th is particularly important for us because today Drudesk is celebrating its birthday. It’s hard to believe that three years have passed already, three years of creative projects and our first successful results. All this time the whole team has worked hard to make our service fast, credible and of the highest quality. We identified key objectives and confidently moved ahead towards the achievement of the goals. Now Drudesk has taken on its own fully realized shape with three clearly outlined dimensions —  three key priorities which we want to share with you.

Three main priorities of the work in Drudesk


Do you prefer the best possible things in your life? For us when we first started, we didn’t think twice about which CMS we should take for all our future web projects. The choice was clear. Drupal is considered to be one of the most secure, flexible and user-friendly platforms, and we opted for it. The websites built on Drupal are characterized by high quality, innovation and great multi-functionality. Furthermore, the Drupal community continues to grow. There is an official site where lots of seasoned developers contribute to modern web development, Drupal particularly. Here, pros and young hopefuls share their knowledge and experience, custom modules and unique and effective solutions. And all this is done in order to meet all the customers’ requirements. BTW, we are also a part of this cool crowd.


Experience comes not only with practice, but steady self-improvement as well. Constant development is indispensable for any successful company, no matter whether it is a large corporation or a small business. Day by day, our specialists learn new professional skills and improve those already acquired. For today, our services include: Drupal Web Development Services, DevOps service, UX and UI design, and QA testing.  In our work we use the following technologies: Drupal, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Apache Solr, Nginx, Apache Web Server and more. For sure, the list of our possibilities will be extended since the Drudesk team has a high potential and ambitious plans for future. 


It is only by being totally devoted to ultimate goals that you can reach positive results. So we follow the principles of professionalism and maximum focus on the customer's interests in each individual case. Our task is to solve all the web issues effectively and reliably as soon as possible. If you had a chance to work with us, you know that responsibility is our second name. We understand that your business success mostly depends on your website performance and we are always ready to help.

On this day, it is especially pleasant to see that our clients appreciate all the work that is done by our experienced drupal development experts. It inspires us to make our job even better, because the best is yet to come!

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