Great contributed modules for Drupal 8 in May

Jun 02, 2016
Great contributed modules for Drupal 8 in May

The essence of Drupal is sharing. Drupal developers who migrate Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8 and create new modules to share with the community are worth a special word of thanks. Because of their work, Drupal 8 is becoming more ready for anything, even the most complicated projects.
Drudesk is on the watch for contributed Drupal 8 modules and regularly informs you about them. We recently told you about 10 Contributed Modules for Drupal 8 in March & April. Now, we have selected some very nice contributed modules in May.

  1. Scheduler. Scheduling your posts (nodes) is a very useful option that has now been made possible with the Scheduler module. Your content can be scheduled to be published at certain time in the future. You can submit the dates as plain text or with calendar popups.
  2. @font-your-face. The @font-your-face module is designed to help you browse and apply web fonts from different sources in all popular browsers. The module provides an administrative interface for managing web fonts with a variety of useful options.
  3. AdaptiveTheme. The AdaptiveTheme module for Drupal 8 is a great tool to create even complicated adaptive themes without coding — you just need to write a bit of CSS. It includes a theme generator, a layout generator, responsive menus, CSS Animations and plenty of other useful features for adaptive theme creation.
  4. Feeds. The Feeds module is really helpful when you need to import your content or user data to your Drupal website. It imports or aggregates data from a CSV file, an RSS feed, an OPML file and more. From the imported data, the module can create nodes, users, taxonomy terms or database records.
  5. Voting API. This module helps developers work with all users’ votes for Drupal content. It offers many options like rating any type of content, voting according to different criteria, automatic tabulation, efficient caching of the received results and more.
  6. Devel. Devel is more than a module, it is set of great modules. Moshe Weitzman, its creator, called it “a grab-bag of useful features.” In Drupal 8, the most important update to the Devel module is the introduction of the WebProfiler submodule which, among other things gives you the information about the queries.
  7. Menu attributes. When you need to specify additional attributes (like name, id, style, class, rel) for menu items at your Drupal 8 website, there is a simple module ready to do it for you. It’s called the Menu attributes module. It is currently being ported to Drupal 8.
  8. File Entity (fieldable files). The File entity module’s job is to provide interfaces for convenient file management. This module integrates with many other modules to add even more file-handling options. You can handle files from external sources, insert them into content using WYSIWYG, and more.

More great Drupal 8 modules, more great Drupal 8 websites! And always remember that if you need any help about your Drupal website, you can always contact Drudesk.

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