Government Website Design Trends: Municipal & Government Website Design

Apr 01, 2021
Web Design for Government Sites

Transparency, ease of use, and safety are the top government website design trends.

When it comes to web design trends for a government site, it is difficult to imagine trends related to colors and animation — augmented reality is not for a government website.

Today the Drudesk website maintenance company decided to tell you what is most important in designing a municipal & government website. Read on if you want to improve your government website design but don't know what needs to be changed.

What is Government website design?

Government website design is a special type of website design that is different from all others. It’s a serious organization whose website is visited by users of many different ages, including those with disabilities, different professions, and different goals.

Unlike private sector website design, the best government website design should focus on on-site navigation, usability, accessibility, and information content.

Government web design for government agencies must meet all the requirements to inspire user confidence and satisfy their needs.

Must-Have Design Features for Government Websites

The Government website is not created for customers, but it does have its own audience. To be user-friendly, a municipal website should have the following basic elements.


Your government website is the first source of information for residents. You need to add more contact information so that they can contact you if necessary.


Your site should have a calendar so that everyone who visits the site can familiarize themselves with important dates and community events.

  • MAPS

Another important element of your site is the map. We've previously written about how to add google maps into your Drupal 8 website; check it out if you haven’t already. This is necessary not only for the residents of your city or town but also for tourists and guests.


Those who visit your government site have a purpose. To find the answer to the question that worries them, you must improve website navigation and make search on your site as convenient as possible.


The most important element of any site, and especially a government website, is the foundation on which you build it. In this case, Drupal is the best option. It is powerful enough, flexible, and works well with large amounts of content.

Must-Have Design Features for Government Websites

What are the current trends in website design for government sites?

  • People first

The people-centered design trend focuses on building a site that is designed primarily to meet the needs of the user. Your municipal & government website should be designed so that people of all ages can use it comfortably.

  • Being mobile-friendly

Today, half of the traffic on the internet is mobile. Since the government site is a source of constant information for residents who visit it from time to time, it is your duty to make it mobile-friendly. Using responsive website design makes it easy to use.

  • Content-focused Layouts

The main purpose of the site is to inform residents about the latest developments. Therefore, the way content is presented should be as convenient as possible. In addition to being easy to read, your content also needs to be well structured.

  • An appropriate design

There is a trend for bright colors and bold animation, but not in the government sector. Our web designer is constantly following the latest web design trends and advises you to choose discrete colors. If you want to experiment, you can use different fonts. And of course, don't forget about the white space.

  • Unique imagery

In 2021, people don't want to see stock images on your website. Post photos on your site that show the uniqueness of your community. Add real photos of your area, popular places, views, and famous people. Just don't forget to use a high-quality photo.

  • ADA Compliance trend

First of all, your Government Website Design must meet all web accessibility principles. Your site must be accessible and convenient for all users, even those with a range of disabilities. This is not so difficult to do, and users with different disabilities will feel like full-fledged members of the community. Be tolerant of every community member.

14 of the Best Government Website Designs

In order for you to get a breath of inspiration and ideas for creating or improving an existing website, we bring you a collection of 14 of the best government website designs.

1. Maryland


2. Township of Abington

Township of Abington

3. Hawaii


4. California


5. Victoria, Australia

Victoria, Australia

6. Virginia


7. Texas


8. Utah


9. Colorado


10. Nebraska


11. Mississippi


12. Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

13. Vermont


14. New York

New York

Add web design trends to your government sites!

Each community is unique, and to emphasize its uniqueness, you should add web design trends to your government sites.

The local government web design developed by professional web developers is qualitatively different from amateur sites. Hire website maintenance agency to create useful government web design.

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