The great opportunities of the updated Google PageSpeed Insights

Jul 03, 2018
Google PageSpeed Insights

Google not only loves fast-performing websites, it also helps each site become faster.

Among numerous website speed analysis and optimization tools, Google’s PageSpeed Insights is an amazingly popular one. In early 2018, it received some very useful improvements. In this blog post, we will see how to use the updated Google’s PageSpeed Insights for the benefit of your website’s speed.

What is Google PageSpeed Insights?

PageSpeed Insights evaluates your website’s performance in every aspect and gives you detailed reports. You can see which of the aspects need your attention and where changes are necessary. You can also compare your site against your competitors’ and know where you stand. And one of the most important PageSpeed Insights benefits are the concrete tips for your website based on the analysis.

The updated Google PageSpeed Insights

A great improvement of the updated Google’s PageSpeed Insights is that it now uses data from the Chrome user experience report. Thanks to this, it analyses real-world user experiences. When new data comes in, the scores are adjusted. This gives you a fuller picture and more precise results.

The metrics of Google PageSpeed Insights

So, in a couple of seconds, Google’s PageSpeed Insights measures your current website’s speed and optimization levels, shows you page load distributions and page stats, tells you about the optimization already present on your website, and gives you optimization suggestions.

Each of the options is available for mobile and desktop performance.

  • Speed measurement

First, Google’s PageSpeed Insights will classify your site as fast, medium, or slow. The honor of being called “fast” is received by websites whose First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL) metrics are in the top third.

If at least one metric is in the bottom third, the page is called “slow.” In all other cases, the speed is considered medium. Don’t worry, any slow website can become fast in time with a good website support team.

In addition, do not worry if the tool shows an “unavailable” message. This happens when Google’s PageSpeed Insights does not have enough data about your site’s speed, which is more common for smaller sites.

  • Page load distribution analysis

Using the data from Chrome User Experience report, Google’s PageSpeed Insights shows you the distribution of your FCP and DCL events. They are categorized into fast, average, and slow. This index also may not be available for all sites.

Page load distribution analysis

  • Optimization level assessment

Google’s PageSpeed Insights evaluates how your site follows the best optimization practices. A score is given from 0 to 100. The lower the score, the more performance optimization your website needs.

Pages that score above 80 have their optimization evaluated as “good.” Scoring from 60 to 79 is considered a medium result. For sites with a score below 59, a lot of optimization work is ahead. And all this work can be entrusted to optimization experts.

  • Providing page stats

Google’s PageSpeed Insights also equips developers with useful optimization information by showing how many render-blocking round-trips and megabytes it takes for your page to load. An average here is four round trips and ~75 resources (1MB). The lower are these figures, the faster your site will be — in a good developer’s hands.

  • Showing current optimization & giving suggestions

Here comes one of the best things Google provides — useful tips. By clicking on “Show Optimizations,” you will see “Optimization Suggestions” and “Optimizations Already Present.” Optimizing images, minifying JavaScript and CSS, leveraging browser caching are just some of the things Google can offer you to do — and tell you how. In any case, professional Drupal website support guys can fulfill these optimization tips for you.

To recap

Everyone would like to get a high score from the search giant. Here at Drudesk website support, optimization performance is one of the most popular services.

We will analyze your website using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, as well as consider lots of other important aspects. And then we will put all optimization recommendations to life in the most beneficial way. Apply to our Drupal support company and enjoy the speed!

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