Get your site ready for summer marketing

May 18, 2017
Get your site ready for summer marketing

Summer is just around the corner. People stop dreaming about vacations and start planning them. Your website visitors are preparing for a hot summer season, so your website should do the same. Seasonality is a key factor of consumer marketing, and the summer season is full of opportunities. Learn how to optimize your web resource for the summer.

Summer marketing tips to be implemented on your website

Content with summer mood

As you may know, photos, graphics and video content are perceived faster than a written text and greatly affect the way we feel and how we react to what we see. So, when building your content marketing strategy, remember that most people associate the summer with a vacation, recreation, fun, sea, beach, light clothes, the sun’s heat and so on.

Thus, use pleasant images of summer attributes when it’s possible. Use a warm color palette. Get rid of heavy darkness, dimness and cold winter hues. Use light colors to be in harmony with the light-hearted and relaxed users’ mood at this time. Don’t overload people’s minds with complicated text messages, use laconic and casual language and summer-related words.

Special summer deal

Encourage more people to buy your goods or services by offering them a great summer deal that everyone would adore at any season. It can be a special summer sales, free giveaways, cashbacks, discounts or coupons. You can offer this in return for users’ contact details or participation to build your customer list. These summer offerings help increase traffic to your web resource and number of conversions. The information about your special summer deal can be placed on your website directly, on advertisement and/or on your business pages in social networks, so your potential clients can be aware.

Summer social media campaign

Users enjoy the benefits of social media and use it to share their fun-filled vacation photos and stories of traveling adventures, as well as impressions via posts and statuses and checking what’s new on their friends’ profiles. Because people spend a considerable portion of their online time in the vastness of social media platforms, be there for them too. They are excellent places to run your summer marketing campaign.

Taking into consideration social media trends 2017, present your message in the form of live streaming video, 360° or ephemeral content and get your brand coverage in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other news feeds.

When creating posts to your social network business page and designing paid social ads, don’t forget about summer-related content tips and Facebook ads optimization tips. If you’re planning a summer vacation, like your customers, scheduling your posts won't let your social media pages get stale and forgotten.

Stay mobile-friendly when becoming summer-friendly

Mobile devices are convenient to be taken on vacation, because they are lightweight and easy to move around. People use mobile searches when planning their traveling routes as well. They are surfing the web to find websites to buy products or book hotels.

So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly with a responsive design, mobile version, accelerated mobile pages or any other mobile solution. This will help you get prepared for Google mobile-first indexing and provide your website visitors with a positive mobile experience that will result in high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Apply these above-mentioned summer marketing tips and wait for users to convert. If you need any help in optimizing your web resource, Drudesk is here for you.

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