Front end developer interview questions and answers

Apr 19, 2018
Front end developer questions

A qualified web developer is a guarantee of a project’s success. We have given you tips on how to hire a great Drupal developer and now we have advice for you on how to hire a great Drupal developer. We prepared examples of questions for a frontend developer that you can ask during an interview to decide what candidate is the best hire for your web project.

Questions to ask frontend developers before hiring them

How do you ensure that your site or app design meets usability and web accessibility standards?

When working on your web product, a frontend developer should keep in mind your end users and know how to provide a positive user experiences for all of them. Accessible web resource will help you gain a broader audience and user-friendliness will help you keep users longer on your site, satisfy them and make them appreciate your website navigation, search features, color scheme, color contrast, underlined links, ALT text, HTML5 markup, mobile-friendliness, and so on.

That’s why checking how well your applicant is familiar with web accessibility standards and usability requirements is important. Ask about the best practices they know and have implemented on their previous projects, as well as how they were implemented.

What do you do to make other developers easily understand your CSS and JS code?

Front end developers usually work in a team along with other web developers, where any team member may have to read, use, review and communicate on each other's code. This requires a web development process. In addition, as your web resource will exist for a long time, many different developers and teams may work on its maintenance and redesign.

So to insure everyone can easily understand the code and to prevent confusion and project delays, look for a frontend developer who is capable and willing to produce well-structured code. Ask a prospective candidates about their experience with code organization and commenting. Make sure they understand the consequences of code commented incorrectly.

For example, a frontend developer can create sections for each site’s component on a stylesheet, where each section contains comments that accompany a code to allow other developers to make changes.

How do you organise your front-end development workflow?

From initiation to completion, the work of a front-end developer has to go through the sequence of processes. This path can be passed using various options. There are many workflow softwares that automates repetitive tasks to some degree to simplify and speed up work. There are also some tasks that are better to do manually.

Just as every person has their own tastes, every front-end developer has their own preferences and priorities regards the workflow. Answers to this question for frontend developers will provide you with valuable insights into unique organisational and technical specifics of each developer.

What is a CSS float and why is it useful?

This question will show how well an interviewee is acquainted with CSS and whether they use a CSS common element in their code. When listening to the answers to this question, look for comprehension and, equally important, the ability to explain a technical term with simple words.

CSS floats are used to make certain web design elements stick either to the right or to the left side of the webpage. As your users have different screen resolutions of their devices, floats allow them to dynamically resize a web page so it is displayed beautifully on any user’s screen to provide better UX.

CSS float


Technical questions allow you reveal the knowledge background of candidates. Ask about the technologies and tools that you plan to use in your particular web project. Look for deep understanding and the ability to explain in short the main essence. Avoid frontend developers with tunnel vision and search for those who are capable of providing different ways of problem solving, evaluate a few options and explain why they prefer one tool over another. Also, look for the general drive to work, the desire to provide effective solutions and to keep pace with the times.

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