Link Building: Effective Strategies

Jun 17, 2016
Link Building: Effective Strategies

In one of our previous articles we explained why linking strategies are effective. Today, we would like to tell you more about link building. So, let’s start!

Along with different innovative solutions in machine learning, search engines perform much better in 2016. Now Google prioritize quality over quantity and rewards relevant resources and authority sites. Effective link building is the thing that can bring higher website rankings on Google. Every website owner dreams about watching his site taking the place at the top of Google’s first page. Yet, it’s not so easy as you may think.

Generally, search engines use links to discover new web pages and to determine how well a page should rank in their results.

So, What Is the Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites by exchanging, buying, or leaving comments with particular links that lead to your web-resource. When it comes to the link building, you have to pay attention to the quality of the donation website. In one of our upcoming articles we will tell you about donation sites where you can leave hyperlinks that lead to your web-resource.

6 Main Ways of Link Building

There are many tricks that can help you to build links effectively. Let’s have a look at the most efficient strategies.

1. Unique and interesting content

The first is the creation of unique and valuable content on your web-page that will go viral. Of course, it’s hard to generate distinct and exclusive text, but the time and effort is worth it; your links will be natural and varying.

2. Guest posting

The other technique relies on writing guest posts with embedded links leading to your homepage. This strategy is more reliable, however you should work to get in touch with offside content managers.

3. Commenting

You can also try commenting on blogs and forums. This strategy is quite effective when you use your hyperlinks wisely and don’t spam somebody’s website.

4. Paid links 

By making a really good deal with link sellers and paying for your hyperlinks you can get an excellent website position.

5. Social networks

Using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can be a good way to rank your resource. For this you should ask for backlinks from social network users. There are some particular premium tools such as SocialOomph and TweetAdder to increase your chances of getting backlinks.

6. Press releases

One of the popular ways of building links is through press releases. You write an interesting article, submit it to a press release site, and wait for backlinks from all the potential readers.

A Few Steps to Follow

When you first start out, it will be quite difficult. You have to gain hands-on experience and find your own link building strategy. You can spend months developing a good one, but it will probably be much better than any advice you get from people because an approach that works for one company won’t necessarily work for the other. You also have to create a rich content blog and strengthen it with ongoing posts on social media. This will attract new followers. You will start working with a greater quantity of high-authority publishers and generating better content. The process can take months or even years depending on your experience. If you’re starting from scratch, you can count on a few months to develop your campaign and obtain positive ROI results.

Summing Up

Link building needs a considerable investment before you get the desired revenue on your ongoing efforts, but once you see its amazing benefits, you won’t regret putting all your efforts into it. Still, if you’re afraid of doing this kind of venture or if you just want to see results quickly, there is one more effective solution: working with a company.

Our Drudesk crew knows all strategies of effective link building, therefore can help you skip this long learning process, and give your website the authority you want it to have!

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