Effective B2B Site

Sep 29, 2016
Effective B2B Site

We’ve already agreed that Drupal is one the best frameworks for creating a cool and beneficial business site. But what, exactly, makes a site beneficial? Today we’ll try to give you some advice about what you should do to create an effective B2B site.

B2B is...

B2B is a Business to Business model. This model is used when a company sells products to another company, which then sells them to the final customer. To find out more about this and other business models click here.

What to do

Content: make it accessible.

You have to keep in mind that users that enter your site are all different. Some of them know exactly what they are looking for and why they chose you. On the other hand, there will also be inexperienced people that a full explanation of what your company does, how it works and what kind of products you offer.

Here’s a little tip: use Google Analytics to track your site’s metrics. The most important sections are “Site Content” and “Behavior Flow.” This will help you to understand what kind of content is useful and needed (for example, the average time spent on a page) and what information should be removed. If you take that data into consideration you will be able to greatly increase your website’s effectiveness.

Communication: build a relationship of trust with users.

By including such sections as About Us, Our Goal and FAQ, you are not only providing users with helpful information about your business, but also establishing a new level of trust between them and your company. “How is that?” you may ask. By including this information, your users see that they are dealing with real friendly people that are ready to answer their questions and help them with anything.

Another thing that will help your communication with users is different, only-for-users features.

For example, you could add a “Call Me Back” button. The users of your site can leave a phone number and set a preferred time, and a representative of your company will call them whenever it’s convenient for them.

Design: responsivity is a must.

Nowadays, as many people use their mobile devices to work and surf the internet, computers are getting less and less popular. That’s why it’s important to make your site responsive and easy to use on a smartphone or tablet. So here’s another reason to choose Drupal to create your B2B site — it’s mobile first and has cool modules related to responsivity that you should definitely check out, as they can greatly change the whole look of your page.

First impressions: the love at first sight.

People tend to judge everything from first impressions. That’s why you want to create a site that will tell your audience that your company is reliable enough and serious enough to work with. What can help to do that is placing a list of your company’s advantages right on the introductory page of your site. This will help the users form an opinion on your business within the first 10 seconds after they’ve entered your site. Make them fall in love with your company at first sight!

Updates: post something constantly.

As content is the most important part of your site, make sure you update it frequently. There is no need go on and on about the fact that content contains keywords and a lot of useful info that brings audience to your site. This is why you should consider having a blog on your page that will be constantly updated with posts related to your company’s scope of activity.

This will make customers come back for more.


We want your B2B site to be effective, that’s why we’ve shared with you a few tips of how to achieve that today. So keep in mind that communication with your audience, accessible content, good design and the whole overview of your site are the things that will lead you to success.

Build your business with Drupal and Drudesk and you’ll never regret it :)

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