Drupal Site Audit

Jan 21, 2016
Drupal Site Audit

A Drupal website audit is a run-through of a website. It aims to provide clients with a thorough understanding of the current state of their website and to recommend the changes to maximise its effectiveness.

Drupal website audits may be carried out for a number of reasons. There may be known problems with the site like security issues, or your site may require an upgrade. Regardless of a specific reason, a full health check will always be beneficial to your site. If you want to build a robust and high-quality site, website audits are your friend. Why is this process important? It provides youwith an overview of where your site currently sits in terms of performance, security and general quality.

What we cover in drupal website audit?

The first thing we take into account is security vulnerabilities. Broken authentication encompasses several security issues, all of them having to do with maintaining the identity of a user. If authentication data is not protected at all times, an attacker can hijack an active session and assume the identity of a legitimate user. There is also a threat of a SQL injection, when an attacker attempts to use an application code to access database content. It means that attacker can create, read, update, alter, or delete data stored in the database. Cross-Site Request Forgery is an attack where a user is tricked into performing an action he or she didn't intend to do. This way, the attacker can access things via the victim's already authenticated browser. The Drudesk crew is experienced enough to check out, fix or strengthen your website security.

Drudesk will take care about your Drupal module’s as well. We can analyze whether these modules have been changed or hacked. We will provide you with a list of enabled modules and available module updates for your site. We also analyse all enabled modules and identify any which are not necessary and slow your site down. We may suggest a list of additional modules from which your site may benefit.

Workflow optimization is an important way to reduce costs and provide better services. With inefficient workflows, things take longer and cost more to get done. Workflow and process enhancements will increase your business effectiveness. Besides, if you have problems with unused content types, we will help you to identify, standardize or delete them.

Ensure your site is fully optimized

Security vulnerability, inefficient workflows or any other problems can be uncovered by website audit. If you have such issues, just let us know. Our team conducts thorough, well-established process for auditing and cares about health of Drupal websites. If you care about it too, don’t waste your time and check if your Drupal website is properly optimised.

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