Drupal modules for ratings

Apr 17, 2019
Drupal modules for ratings

Do you want to get ratings & reviews feature for your Drupal website? Today we would like to show you several modules for ratings. These modules not only increase users’ activity but also become a source of inspiration for future content for writers and marketers.

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The team at Drudesk has prepared a list of Drupal modules for ratings that are easy to install and configure. Check it out!

Why ratings are important for your website?

Website visitors gain important information through ratings and reviews. They can discover about other user’s experience before making a purchase, investing in a product/service or performing any other action on your platform. Since it’s not possible to touch the products that are sold online, such ratings and reviews fill in information gaps.

Ratings and reviews are important for your website because they:

  • create your online reputation
  • improve search ranking
  • provide proof that your website is reliable
  • increase conversions
  • help in brand recognition
  • provide feedback and let you discover how to improve products/services
benefits of ratings and weviews

5 Drupal modules for ratings

1. Voting API

The Voting API module doesn’t provide any voting features itself. However, it puts all the voting data in order so it can be used by other rating modules.

Key features:

  • supports rating of any content (comments, nodes, users)
  • multi-criteria voting
  • automatic tabulation of results
  • efficient caching of results (doesn't require any recalculation)
voting api module

Votingapi Widgets is a flexible field based Voting System based on Voting API. Drudesk uses this module for ratings feature on the website. Don’t forget to give us 5 stars for this blog post ;)

2. Fivestar

Fivestar is a module that adds a voting widget to nodes, comments, and any other entity. It lets users rate items with stars and even create online forms for evaluations with any questions.

Key features:

  • configurable star sets
  • support for anonymous voters
  • spam protection
  • integration with Views module for lists sorted by rating, or filtered by min/max ratings
Fivestar module

3. Star rating

Star rating module doesn’t support end user voting. It is meant to be used by author of the article. It is useful for those who own review websites and want to add different star ratings within a node. Ratings are added to nodes with the help of fields.

Key features:

  • no other modules required
  • utilizes Drupal 7 Field API
  • supports Views module
  • icon type and color can be assigned for each field and each view mode
Star rating module

4. Vote Up/Down

Vote Up/Down is another Drupal module for ratings. It is the simplest way to explore users’ opinion with the help of thumb illustrations.

Key features:

  • interchangeable voting widget themes
  • code voting support for your own objects
  • creation of your own widgets using ctools plugins
Voting Up Down module

5. Rate

Rate module lets you choose between different ways of voting and provides a broad variety of configuration possibilities. It works with widgets instead of fields, which lets you enable different voting possibilities for any content type.

There are 8 widget types by default:

  1. thumbs up
  2. thumbs up/down
  3. number up/down
  4. fivestar
  5. emotion (this makes me angry, this is funny...)
  6. yes/no
  7. slider
  8. custom

If you choose ‘custom’, you will customize the rating buttons and Voting API mode yourself. The widget types can be extended by other modules.

Key features:

  • vote count
  • average rating
  • total points (for thumbs up/down)
  • list of vote count per button, per day
Rate module

Choose your perfect Drupal module for ratings and reviews

We hope that this guide on Drupal modules for ratings will help you choose the one that suits your website best. Our Drupal support service is always here to help you with any module installation or configuration. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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