Everything You Need to Know About Drupal maintenance, quality assurance and security

Apr 16, 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Drupal maintenance, quality assurance and security

When you decide to build a house, the first thing to think about is not the design, but where to build it and how to make sure it stays in good condition.

It is the same with a website. Before launching a website, you should carefully consider which platform to create it on and ensure its ongoing website support.

What is Drupal and how does it work?

If you are already reading this article, then we can assume that you have heard about Drupal somewhere. Our main goal is to share with you all our knowledge in this area.

DruDesk has been working with Drupal for over 5 years. As we work with different CMS, we know all the advantages and disadvantages of Drupal platform. Now we can state that this is the best flexible content management system.

The CMS works to simplify the process of managing web sites and their content.

Drupal features you should know

Drupal is a very convenient and powerful platform with many features such as:

1. Highly scalable

Drupal manages large and small sites. Scalability is the ability to manage very large sites with high traffic to guarantee scalability even as traffic and content grows.

2. Optimized for different devices

You can create a site optimized for any device. Drupal provides the best tools for responsive design.

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3. Provide the best security

Drupal community is continuously developing new and better protection technologies for your sites so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

4. Multi-site

This means that you can simply and easily manage many sites from a single platform.

5. Flexible content

Now you can create and organize content more easily than ever because of the Admin Interface. Drupal makes the content management process easy and straightforward.

6. No Limitations

The Drupal platform has no restrictions on what type of site can be created on it. Drupal is open to any type of business!

7. Multilingual

Drupal allows you to conveniently customize the language of your site for different countries or areas with different languages. This allows you to expand the scope of your business beyond just one country.

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8. Free contributed modules

This platform allows you to whatever you want on your site using free contributed modules.

9. WYSIWYG editing

Now it’s easier to edit the site because you can edit and simultaneously see what you are doing and how it will look in the end.
and more.

 main features of drupal

Nuances of security updates on Drupal CMS

Today, Drupal is confidently taking the first position among content management systems and is actively updating.

By the way, do you know that Drupal 9 is coming soon? To have a convenient functional website, upgrade it to Drupal 9. Our developers do it quickly, efficiently and at very reasonable prices for you, just contact us.

Everything in the world is developing and changing, and Drupal is also changing. The developers are working on additional modules for your web sites every day.

Drupal community is actively working to ensure the security of your business, and they continue to issue security updates often. Each update requires checks to keep existing functionality safe so that there are no errors. Each update can be a problem, so you need to constantly monitor it. These updates help the site to become better and more secure.

In order to keep the site functional, stable and secure, despite constant updates, you need to hire a security support team. They can prevent errors or malfunctions in the system’s workflow and automate this process.

Website maintainability should be your goal

Let's look at the reason to do constant website maintenance.

What is ongoing website maintenance and support? The best answer is it’s prevention of  future problems. By doing it, you buy peace of mind and confidence.

To better understand everything, let's imagine a situation. You decided to buy a car, but ever since you drove it off the lot, you have never done any maintenance, did not check its technical condition, did not check the alarm system, etc. You can try to do something yourself, but I think it will help you for a while.

What do you think will happen to this car? How long will it run? And how could you prevent such a situation?

We think the car will fail pretty soon — and your car  is like your site. Both need to have ongoing support. You should constantly do functional bug fixes, update security, and integrate new technologies. Keep track on the front end and the back end.

Maintenance is worth the constant investment because it's better to get service maintainability right away than to suffer later. It is not for nothing that large companies annually spend more on maintainability than on hosting or managed service cost.

Everything requires a service, whether it is a car, a phone or your website.

Quality standards and quality assurance of your web business

If you have already decided to create a site, then you should monitor all technical aspects of the site.

It is time to recall the quality standards. They differ depending on the scope and business that you conduct. For example, if you have different payment methods on your site, you must make sure that changes to the code do not affect them. Therefore, you need to conduct a serious validation of the site after making changes.

No matter what your site is, you need validation. Only the work of QA can vary depending on the complexity of the site.

To do this, you need a quality assurance team or service providing this complicated process. The assurance expert analyzes the risks of such problems and offers various possible solutions. They are like experts in a service center who carry out the diagnostics of your car.

Such a service can prevent problems associated with business operations.We have a professional QA team that can do site testing for a low-cost price, and we fulfill your requests twice as fast. To hire DruDesk just contact our professionals.

Conclusion about Drupal maintenance, quality assurance and security

Let's get back to your car. The car may not break down immediately due to the lack of service, but your website can. Every day new codes are written, everything is updated, which means that the likelihood of a breakdown in your site is also growing.

Your main task will be to set the right priorities. Is it possible to start working on its reliable support now, instead of the suffering of its breakdown in the future?
DruDesk agency does Drupal Maintenance and Support plan. We know a lot about Drupal CMS. In addition, we have great news for you. DruDesk is moving to a low-cost system of cooperation! This is something completely new and very beneficial for our customers. We increase our efficiency in completing tasks so that you can save money and get a solution to your problem two times faster!

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