Drupal and law firm websites: the lucky union

Jan 17, 2018
Drupal and law firm websites: the lucky union

There are unwritten but unbreakable laws for succeeding in any industry. One of them is to have an attractive, powerful, and secure website that represents your company. OK, the law is the law! Who understands this better than law firms? That’s why, considering Drupal’s numerous strengths, law firms regard Drupal as a very good choice for their websites. Let’s get into more details right now.

Drupal as a treasure for law company sites

Often, what clients of law firms need above all are reliability and confidentiality. They need a shoulder to lean on, knowing it is a strong one. Drupal makes it easy. A law firm site built with Drupal will always stay safe against hackers’ attacks and work smoothly even under high load, creating the most solid and reliable impression.

It will also be able to expand with the company and, of course, it will have endless customization opportunities. The sky’s the limit for ways to present the information, as well as to engage potential customers.

Interesting features like aggregating law news, integrating with any third-party system for email marketing or other purposes, sharing data with another app, multi language, multisite, or any others imaginable options are possible with Drupal.

And we will illustrate all this in the examples very soon, but first, it’s time for a couple of “presents”!

“Presents” for law firms from the Drupal community

Drupal is a free and open-source CMF with an active community, constantly keeping its hand on the pulse of the latest innovations and "grinding" Drupal like a precious stone to absolute perfection.

The sharing nature lets community members constantly create free elements for websites in the form of free modules, themes, distributions, etc.

Many of these elements will fit sites in all industries, but some are created specifically for law firms. A couple of examples are here.

The Law theme

This is a free professional mobile-friendly theme for law firm websites on Drupal 7. It offers a layout for 1, 2, or 3 columns, configurable header and background images, content-first load order for better SEO, a modern clean HTML5 markup, extensible CSS classes, and much more.

The Law Firm theme

Here is another free theme for law websites, which is right now in development (not fully ready for production sites). We see here a responsive, mobile-first theme for Drupal 8. It features a configurable slideshow, 13 block regions, social media integration, clean HTML5, and so on.

The Law Firm distribution

Distributions known as pre-configured Drupal versions containing the core of the system, as well as a set of modules, themes, and libraries. They make site creation quick and easy, and are usually dedicated to certain industries.

Here is one nice example for legal sites, though it is still in development. This is a fully responsive distribution for Drupal 8. It features a homepage with a slider, a section for legal industry events, a photo gallery, a section with YouTube videos rendered in a structured way, and much more.

Examples of law firm websites built with Drupal

Well, stories without examples are worthless, so let’s now see Drupal in action.

Legal Information Network of Colorado

On the basis of a series of questions, this web app provides people who have suffered from crimes with accurate and reliable legal information as to the options they have in their situations. It is a great example of a decoupled, or headless Drupal approach, where Drupal on the back-end is combined with a JavaScript framework Ember on the front-end, which adds a high level of interactivity.

linc colorado

UNC School of Government

The website of UNC School of Government provides legal and other types of expertise to government officials in the form of courses and webinars, blogs, books, bulletins, and more. For example, it publishes a large-format reference book by Jessica Smith called North Carolina Crimes: A Guidebook on the Elements of Crime. The latest edition includes over 800 pages. It is presented in a format that offers fast search, cross-references and other features for rich user experience.

unc school of government

LSC (Legal Services Corporation)

The site helps LSC company carry out its mission — provide legal assistance to low-income citizens. It is actually a collection of six websites based on one Drupal installation, created thanks to Drupal’s awesome multisite capabilities. This is how Drupal literally helped reach a legal consensus about shared website ownership. The site features grant programs, success stories, press releases, photo galleries, news, and much more.


The New York County District Attorney’s Office

This site was designed as an interactive tool that would let the District Attorney communicate directly with residents and keep them involved in the city’s activities. For this purpose, the site offers sections like Learning and Resource Center, Media Center, Careers and Training, Community Initiatives, Victim & Family Resources, etc. Drupal’s strong multilingual features are very helpful for reaching out to different groups of citizens.

new york district attorneys office


Drudesk experts know how to use Drupal’s capabilities to the full. Contact us to get a law firm website built with Drupal, which will have any features you like!

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