Choosing a Platform for Your Small Business: Why Drupal Is the Best Alternative?

Jun 21, 2016
Choosing a Platform for Your Small Business: Why Drupal Is the Best Alternative?

If you are thinking about a website platform for your small business, we have an awesome suggestion for you! Probably you’ve read about Drupal’s powerful capabilities including being a solid ecommerce platform or a trustworthy base for university websites. But believe us, Drupal is much more than that! This open source CMS can be used by large corporations or governmental organizations, and it is a wonderful option for small businesses needing a powerful website.

What makes the Drupal content management system so popular? Among other reasons, it’s an open source software and the Drupal community is one of the best software communities in the world.

The most remarkable Drupal’s features

Superior Performance of Drupal platform

Drupal offers a number of features which will enhance your website performance.

  1. Drupal modules. Drupal has a number of search engine modules which can make you web-resource more search engine friendly.
  2. Drupal templates. Drupal also has good taste, because among its amazingly designed templates you can find the one that will correctly reflect your brand image.
  3. API (application programming interface) integration is easy. If you use Drupal, it won’t take you lots of time or efforts to connect content and APIs to your website, so you can enjoy working with the wide range of online digital APIs.
  4. Search. Drupal possesses powerful search options and taxonomy system, so you can categorize your content quickly and easily.

Drupal Modules & Extensibility

The global community of developers continue to contribute into Drupal world and don’t stop creating and improving Drupal modules all the time. This provides infinite possibilities for custom functionality to be integrated into your site quickly and efficiently. There are forums, slideshows, blogs, event calendars, e-commerce stores, picture and video galleries, all of which you can have running on your site. There are also lots of Drupal themes for businesses which simplify developer’s work significantly.

Easy Content Creation & Supreme Content Management

The uncomplicated and user-friendly Drupal interface allows people with almost no knowledge of HTML to render the content correctly. It’s an outstanding feature of the CMS, because everyone on staff can modify website content if needed. Drupal’s flexibility allows you to create roles for team members to review, edit and approve content. Drupal empowers its owner with ability to manage all the different kinds of data that any business may contain. You can fill up your web-resource with videos, testimonials, news, products and its description as well as other things that you would like to have on your website. Drupal can categorize this information, since it provides the enterprise-level power to manage your content.

Are You Ready to Start?

With Drupal any daunting task becomes easy to do. If you think a Drupal site is right choice for you, contact us — we’d love to cooperate with you and implement all your ideas. Our Drudesk team will help you to impress your customers with Drupal!

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