Drupal 8 released, happy birthday!

Nov 19, 2015
Drupal 8 released, happy birthday!

Just a few days ago our parent company InternetDevels celebrated its 8th anniversary, and now we have another occasion to celebrate: Drupal 8 release date. It took four years for this system to upgrade to the next level, but we can finally test the improved core. So let’s take a look at what has actually changed.

Drupal 8 features and modules

Drupal 8 includes more than 200 improvements for better usability, functionality, and safety.

  1. Mobile first. Comparing to previous versions, the system is not just mobile friendly — one of the core Drupal 8 features is that it applies a mobile-first strategy. Everything, from themes to the admin toolbar is more responsive. You can even start coding via mobile.
  2. More accessible. Colors, fonts, autocomplete and modal dialogs are improved now. Moreover, the new Drupal 8 features better website support for standard accessibility technologies like WAi-ARIA and the more semantic HTML5.
  3. New content editor. Web developers put in a lot of effort to make the life of admins easier. The content editor is now more usable and comfortable, saving you time.
  4. Manages configurations. This is a significant feature of Drupal 8 release. Configure new content types, views or fields and transport them to production without additional steps.
  5. Web services are built in. Drupal 8 has become a web superhero: HAL, JSON, XML, HTTP authentication and other modules and features are already supported by this CMS. Your life just became easier.
  6. Speaks your language. Yes, multilingual features are already built into Drupal 8. You can translate everything into your mother tongue without opening Google Translator.
  7. Easier customization. The Drupal 7 module Views now is a part of 8 version. It is built into the core, which means a higher level of customization. It’s now a piece of cake to manage blocks, menu items, etc. on the pages.
  8. Theming with Twig. This engine makes complicated theming fun. It helps write templates in simple syntax so no one will be bored. And the website templates will look great.
  9. More fields. The options of fields are now more expanded. You do not need to apply thousands of modules to Drupal 8 to access its native feature.
  10. A more integrated approach and better markup with HTML5. The Drupal 8 release has more in common with industry standards, including many features, code languages, and libraries that have been not available previously. Hurray!

Not a programmer?

If the previous paragraphs do not mean much to you, but you have a website on Drupal, just check its version. You can even try online tools like BuiltWith to find out which version you are running.

Probably your website is on Drupal 7, but if the version is older, being you I would start worrying. Even before the Drupal 8 release date, 6 and 5 were already out of date and are not secure or usable anymore. Check here for more information. Therefore, the best solution is to start a migration of your website to newer versions. You will have to go step by step, first to version 6, then 7, etc.

However, to those who are already on 7 version: don’t rush to install Drupal 8. Despite the fact it is released and ready to use, not all modules may be adapted to it. You can wait for a little in order not to get into trouble. But be sure to upgrade your website once it is ready!

This is the news of the day for all Drupalists. We at Drudesk also celebrate the new Drupal 8 released today and are already thinking over new improvements for our beloved clients. Keep us informed if you need any additional information or have an idea for upgrading your website.

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