Best Ecommerce Modules for Drupal 8

Sep 28, 2017
Online store on Drupal 8. Useful e-commerce modules

Imagine an ideal shop, full of enthusiastic staff.

Seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, they deliver parcels, sort products, accept payments and do everything else for the store’s work. Their results are awesome, but they are almost invisible assistants. Let’s get acquainted with these workers  — Drupal modules for e-commerce websites! Since it’s the time of the the “great eight,” we’ll pay special attention to e-commerce modules in Drupal 8.

A couple of nice modules for Drupal 8 online stores

  • Drupal Commerce

When it comes to the store’s staff, Drupal Commerce is a standalone team! On September 20, we’ve finally got the stable release of Drupal Commerce 2.0 — the large-scale module for building full-fledged Drupal 8 online stores. Its lucrative features include handy UIs, third-party integration opportunities, multiple order types and checkout processes, multistore functionality, and much more.

  • Ubercart

Another module that represents a full-fledged e-commerce platform is Ubercart. It once gave birth to Drupal Commerce, and has always been appreciated for its benefits like ease of ordering and processing, configurable catalogs, handy reports, and much more. Right now, Ubercart version for Drupal 8 is in alpha, so we are looking forward  to its stable release.

  • Commerce Authorize.Net

We just mentioned great third-party integration opportunities in Drupal Commerce, so here is a module to integrate a popular payment provider — Authorize.Net. The module Commerce Authorize.Net provides credit card payments and offers “Card on File” support relying on the powers of the AIM and CIM APIs.

  • Commerce SmartPay

Barclaycard SmartPay HPP payment gateway will also easily work with Drupal Commerce, thanks to the corresponding module for Drupal 8. Commerce SmartPay lets you accept payments with credit or debit card off-site.

  • Commerce Vantiv

This is a module to integrate Vantiv, an American payment processing provider. Direct payments, electronic checks, 3D secure authentication and fraud detection are just some of its useful capabilities.

The list of modules for online payment gateways for Commerce could go on, with Square Connect, Paytrail, Payeezy, Paytrail, Worldline, Amazon Pay and others.

  • CCAvenue Payment Gateway for Ubercart

When CCAvenue Payment Gateway for Ubercart comes to online payment operations in Ubercart, one of the helpful modules is here for you. It will let your customers make their payments via the famous CCAvenue gateway.

  • Olark Chat

Talk to your customers on your e-commerce website and respond to their queries promptly! For this purpose, you can use some live chat software. A good example is the Olark chat that can be brought to your store via the Drupal module, which allows for flexible customization options.

  • Commerce Product MinMax

Here is a new e-commerce module purely for Drupal 8 that has just popped up. It offers a field for specifying the minimum and maximum amounts of goods in Drupal Commerce.

  • Xero API

When it comes to e-commerce, some smart online accounting software can be a treasure. The Xero API module offers integration with Xero for creating invoices and payments, as well as receiving up-to-date financial data. For smooth integration, it uses the Xeroclient library.

  • IP-based Determination of a Visitor's Country

To provide better e-commerce experiences to users, you will want to know their country. There is a module that finds it by their IP address and stores the data as a country code.

To wrap-up

These are just some examples of cool Drupal 8 modules for e-commerce. We have plenty of other interesting things on our Facebook page.

And what about getting a “team” of modules for your online store? Drupal experts will help you in selecting and installing them, creating custom ones from scratch if needed, or building a brand-new shiny Drupal 8 e-commerce website!

Download a checklist template to build an e-commerce website:

How to Create an eCommerce Website in 7 Easy Steps [Guide]

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