Honeypot module blocks spam on Drupal 8 sites


We’ve talked about Drupal modules a lot. All of them are beneficial if they are in good hands. Today, we’ll describe one more efficient Drupal module: Honeypot.

Almost every website has suffered from spam attacks at least a few times. Moreover, if your website contains many forms to fill in, it becomes a top target for spam bots. But Drupal has a solution for you! It is the Drupal 8 module Honeypot, which draws all the spam bots, only to have them “stick” to it like bees to honey!

Let’s look how this module blocks spam in a bit more detail.

How Honeypot Works

The Honeypot creates a hidden field which a user cannot see or add anything to. However, spam bots see this field and fill this form in. And here is how the “honeypot effect” works! The Honeypot module detects this spam bots and blocks their actions.

In addition, the Honeypot adds a timestamp, which requires at least 5 seconds to pass, before a form can be submitted. Usually, it takes a few seconds for a person to fill in user registration form or any survey, whereas for a spam robot it takes much less. Spammers insert info into as many fields as possible at a much higher speed than a human. You can set the time you want, or use the one by default. You can also specify the Honeypot protection for certain users (you can bypass it for administrators, for example), roles and forms. Currently, the Honeypot is used on more than 68,000 Drupal websites.

The Honeypot Module for Drupal 8

For those who have upgraded their websites from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, there is new version of Honeypot module available. Its code is more organized and administrative aspects are more flexible.

What Do Users Think About Honeypot?

Many people have successfully applied this module to prevent spam bots and other forms of spam on their websites. Just look through these testimonials and comments:

“Wow. No more time spent deleting spam registrations. Because there are no longer any spam registrations. Thank you very much.” — Q2U2.

“This module is wonderful. Since we installed it, it's blocked multiple spam contents per minute. It also doesn't slow down the server.” — twarner.

“This module completely eliminated spam bots attempting to register on my site. Logs show more than 20 attempts per hour being effectively blocked. Now only real people are showing up for new accounts. Thanks for a creative solution.” — David.

So, Where Do You Go From Here?

There are a few alternatives to Honeypot, like Mollom or Captcha, that work according to different principles than Honeypot, you can read about other modules that can stop spam bots on your Drupal site in our blog. Drupal is secure system and offers its users strong spam prevention.  So, if you don’t want spam slowing down your website performance, contact our Drudesk team, and we will help you to download this module to your Drupal sites and keep the spammers out.

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