Drupal 8 for marketers: key benefits & useful modules

Aug 14, 2019
Drupal 8 for marketers

It‘s easy and enjoyable to create marketing campaigns, drive leads, and tell your brand’s story to the world if your website is on the right CMS.

Drupal 8’s benefits will definitely impress any marketer. So let’s take a closer look at the greatness of Drupal 8 for marketers, see what makes it so valuable, and name a few useful modules.

The benefits of Drupal 8 for marketers

Drupal 8 has cutting-edge marketing features built into the core and a myriad of contributed modules helpful in every aspect of your successful marketing. 

Easy integration with marketing automation tools 

Marketers love the various marketing automation and CRM tools. They effectively streamline their workflows, as well as give them valuable analytics. 

Thanks to its built-in support for RESTFul web services, Drupal 8 integrates with marketing tools or any others at a snap of a finger. 

Drupal 8 modules to integrate marketing tools

and many more.

Multilingual Drupal 8 campaigns

Marketers can produce more powerful and convincing campaigns in their users’ native languages. Without a doubt, Drupal 8 is a great choice for multilingual websites.

A hundred languages are supported out-of-box, including those with the RTL text direction. The four built-in multilingual modules make it easy to add languages to your site and translate everything — interface, configuration, and content. Most interface translations are already prepared by the community.

Admin interfaces to add translations are very handy and editor-friendly. As D8’s third-party integration capabilities are among its key benefits, it’s also easy to integrate any translation software.

Drupal 8 modules for translation tool integration

and more.

There also are contributed Drupal 8 modules for multilingual features for every aspect of a multilingual website.

Some Drupal 8 multilingual modules

and many more.

Multilingual Drupal 8 website example


Multi-channel marketing in Drupal 8

Marketers can engage customers with their Drupal 8 campaigns on their preferred devices. D8 websites are ready to share their data to any web or mobile applications. 

This is thanks to the API-first architecture — one of D8’s key benefits. The core now has 5 robust modules that effectively expose your Drupal entities as a RESTful web API. In the Drupal 8.7 release, the JSON:API module joined this “team” to make multi-channel experiences even more ambitious.

Marketers will appreciate the “create once, publish everywhere” philosophy adopted by the API-first Drupal 8. It significantly increases their reach with minimum publishing expenses. 

Quick and handy content creation with advanced features

Content is the heart and soul of marketing campaigns. A new level of its creation is among the greatest benefits prepared by Drupal 8 for marketers. Editorial workflows are both very user-friendly and advanced in their capabilities. 

At least a few of Drupal 8 content creation benefits

  • You can make edits on the fly with the inline editing feature.
  • The handy drag-and-drop CKEditor is the default D8’s WYSIWYG editor. 
  • Drupal 8 has a Media Library that lets you save and reuse videos, audios, images, and other media.
  • You can add media directly into articles or news, including remote videos from YouTube or Vimeo via the oEmbed feature in Drupal 8.
  • Configurable editorial workflows are available to your marketing team with the new Content Moderation and Workflows modules.
  • The Views in D8 core lets you add highly configurable content collections to your pages. 
  • It’s easy to create beautiful slideshows and carousels with the help of contributed tools such as Views Slideshow, Juicebox, jCarousel, Owl Carousel, and so on.

Media Library in Drupal 8

Smart content personalization

Individualized, or targeted, content delivery helps marketers reach their audience. You just give the right offer at the right moment to the right person. Drupal 8 offers awesome opportunities to marketers in this field. 

Some great Drupal 8 personalization modules

  • Smart Content allows you to offer a different display based on browser conditions.
  • Smart Content Segments helps you manage groups of these conditions in a handy UI.
  • Acquia Lift Connector unites your content and customer in a drag-and-drop interface so marketers can effectively manage your campaigns in real-time using behavioral factors.
  • Cloudwords for Multilingual Drupal is your assistant in multilingual campaigns with the features of workflow automation and project management.

Acquia Lift Connector Drupal 8 personalization module

Social media campaigns

Marketers know that social networks are amazing campaign boosters. Your SM page and your website can be an invincible marketing team. With D8, their integration is a breeze. 

Marketers will be amazed by a myriad of contributed Drupal 8 modules that will help them to:

  • auto-publish content to social networks
  • invite users to join your social media pages
  • add their icons to the website
  • add sharing buttons
  • analyze the statistics 
  • embed feeds 

These Drupal 8 social integration modules include

and many more. 

Social integration modules in Drupal 8

Let your marketing boost with Drupal 8!

These have been just a few glances at the greatness of Drupal 8 for marketers. Contact our Drupal team to discuss in what other ways D8 can be helpful to your marketing campaigns and your business. 

Our Drupal developers are ready to:

  • build you a Drupal 8 website from scratch
  • migrate your Drupal 7 website to Drupal 8
  • update your minor Drupal 8 version (since some features mentioned above only start from Drupal 8.7)
  • install the needed modules and configure them properly based on your needs
  • customize the existing solutions to add the desired marketing features to your site

Enjoy the benefits of Drupal 8 for marketers!

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